Work Work Work That Booty!

Hey guys! It’s been a little while, so I wanted to check in. You know, fill you in on the news, let you know about my progress, assure you I haven’t absconded to Monte Carlo with your Pre-Order money.

Speaking of which: I’m still accepting PRE-ORDERS for Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol 5: Sexual History, so click here to Pre-Order and get access to bonus content!

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince is still available and people have been loving it, so click here to order now!

News? Well, I’ve been burying my nose (among other things) in work on SFK5, and the SFK1 Galaxy Edition, as well as doing some writing for SFK6… my city had a major power outage for a few days (I think there are still some people without power) – I’m just glad I was taking a nap when it went out and didn’t actually LOSE A BUNCH OF WORK! That would have been terrible!

(EDIT: I had that stupid kidney stone surgery I mentioned last time, and it was annoying and took a long time to recover from, but I’m doing fine now – aside from being buried under medical bills, and working my booty to get them paid off)

And speaking of booty here’s a pirate!

The Pirate Queen

Delphine the Pirate Queen and her new royal subject?