Vampires! Seriously!

I finally wrapped up the first completed scene of “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: Sexual History”, and I think it’s the best scene I’ve ever done! Seriously, you guys, I’m so proud of the artwork in this scene! We finally get to see how Eshes and Samira became vampires! It’s so big… and long… hehe ^_^ literally, it’s got more animations and CGs than any of my other scenes except maybe the SFK2 Galaxy Edition bonus scene. It’s about that big, and all of SFK5 is going to be like that!

It’ll be quite a while before all of SFK5 is done, but for everyone who can’t wait, the scene is available as a standalone one-shot item free for paid members of so go check it out!

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: Vampire Halloween is also a great way to wind down all that Halloween energy, so click here to order from me now! Or become a member of and get both!

Speaking of SFK5: I’m still accepting PRE-ORDERS for Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol 5: Sexual History, so click here to Pre-Order and get access to bonus content!

Again, the vampires’ scene will be a part of SFK5, and every scene will be similarly super-sized!

The Vampires

…rescuing a fair maiden always makes her come.

(this may become available early for people who have pre-ordered SFK5, but I’m honestly not sure yet, what to do with this product!) >_<