Upgrade to SFK: Vampire Winter & News

Vampire Winter and Vampire Halloween are going to be coming out on Affect3D.com March 4th, separately, and together as a bundle! So in anticipation of the release, I did some tinkering on both products and upgraded the code at bit.

Both should be more robust, more compatible with newer operating systems, and most importantly, FULLSCREEN mode actually works! So whatever size or shape of monitor you have, the image should scale correctly, without distortion.

I haven’t made a patch yet, but your download links are good for 30 days, so if you got Vampire Winter lately, go back to your purchase email from BMT Micro and re-download it to get the updated file. Anyone who purchases it from now on, or on Affect3D will get the newer version. If you haven’t had trouble with it and your screen is already 16:9 widescreen, the upgrade won’t really do much for you, so in that case you don’t really need it.

Reminder: If you pre-ordered SFK5, just email me (galaxy at galaxypink.com) and request a discount code to get Vampire Winter as a free bonus product! I’ll be sending those codes out manually in the next week or two, but if you email me I’ll get you one right away. ^_^

As for Vampire Halloween, anyone who purchases it from now on will get the upgraded version. For the old version, I’ll try and put together a free downloadable patch in the next couple of weeks, but I’ve got a lot on my plate right now! I don’t think it’s possible to mass refresh/resend everyone’s download links for it. I think someone over at my billing company would have to do it manually… OH!  Here’s how I can do it for the time being: If you’ve got Vampire Halloween already, send me an email, and I’ll give you a coupon code to just “buy” it again for free, that way you’ll get a fresh download link for the new version – if anyone’s clamoring for it before I get a chance to make a patch.

Speaking of things on my plate, you’ve been probably wondering what that glorious rump is all about! That leads us to an overwhelming question…

Tomb Robbers

This is a full 1080 HD wallpaper by the way, so click on it to get the large version.

Question: Should SFK5 scenes be widescreen?

If so, I’d have to redo SFK5:The Vampires, and create a patch for everyone who already has it, and that’s all a big pain in the ass… But all the other SFK5 scenes are still ahead of me, and I don’t mind re-rendering what I’ve done so far… But then SFK5 wouldn’t match previous products. But does that matter? These scenes would be beautiful in 720 HD widescreen like Vampire Winter, and I’ve already decided to make SFK6 in widescreen anyway. What do you guys think?

Now, back to what’s truly important. That image is a better introduction to Seline Orem than I ever gave in SFK1, as she is clearly about to say something along the lines of, “Did you really have to bring your boyfriend, sis?” and then commence the tomb-robbing thievery she’s best at.

Of course, little do they know they have competition for the treasure secreted in the ancient burial room up ahead:

Other Tomb Robbers

Everybody remembers this cheerful trio!

This is the SFK5 scene I’m working on now – a scene which will live in infamy as the one in which “futa-on-man” is an option. IT’S ONLY AN OPTION! That means I’m doing two versions of the scene: one where that feckless minstrel gets his comeuppance (or comeupthebuttance) from Aleris Lin, and possibly Karista the elf mage, and another one in which he gets knocked out and no one who hates the idea of futa-on-man will be scarred for life.

I built up a lot of momentum working on Vampire Winter, and I’m going to try and finish this new scene by the end of March! Believe it when you see it though. I understand.

After that, I’ll get back to work on the Shay scene I was working on before. I had gotten bogged down with some technical problems on that scene I had no idea how to solve, so I went to work on this one instead, had the same problems, solved them, and then solved them for the Shay scene too, so that one should go quicker once I get back to it.

I’m thrilled to be making quicker progress! I was serious about that New Year’s resolution, you guys. Year of the Ram, I’m going to ram my way through to the end of SFK5 this year… or else I’ll give everybody their money back and go live in a cave. >_<