This was a triumph

Hey you guys! The first piece of news is that I’m still alive! I think that’s pretty important! Thank you so much, to all of you who offered kind words, support, and encouragement <3! I was going to post something along those lines for Thanksgiving, but I got a little sick and fell a little behind. Not from a disease, just more of a turkey hangover than usual.

In general, I’ve been feeling quite a bit better, and I’ve been managing my medical situation pretty well to the point that the only problem left is being a little more tired than usual and having to take a few pills. So, not bad! The road to recovery is probably going to be long (assuming I can eventually be back to “normal”), but I’m doing okay. I think I’ll just leave it at that. I don’t really want to keep talking about my health. I’ll keep you posted if there are any major updates on that.

Most importantly, I’ve got my optimism for the future back! I really missed that! Or maybe most importantly, I’ve gotten my artistic passion back. There’s no better life coach than the Grim Reaper I guess. ^_^”

I’ve been working on the Pirate Queen vs. the Magistrate scene for SFK5, and it’s looking beautiful! Like, seriously beautiful! I redesigned the characters a bit, and it has helped a lot – including twelve background characters. It’s not done yet, but I’m hoping to get it done in the next couple of weeks (I hope I won’t get too badly slowed down by my birthday on the 14th, and a little trip for Christmas). What I’ve got so far is cute, funny, and exciting. I hope the rest of the scene will be super sexy!

That’s really all I wanted to say at the moment, so I’ll keep this post short. Check out the lovely wallpaper image I made from the scene!

The Pirate Queen

Right-click on the image to download a full HD 1080p version

Love you guys! <3