Patches To Remove Mosaic Censorship:
See the XXX Uncensored section for patch information.

Version Incompatibility with Windows 8 or new Mac OS:
Some of my software was made in 2008, and new operating systems may fail to run it correctly, if at all. Luckily, there’s a manual fix that works almost every time this issue appears. My software can be run through the software development kit it was created in (this method also works to run my products in a different operating system). The software development kit is much more extensively tested, and developed to run on multiple platforms, so it should be very stable:

  1. Unzip your GalaxyPink product properly (see below).
  2. Download the Ren’Py Software Development Kit here: – use the EXE or ZIP version if you have Windows, the ZIP version if you have a Mac, or the TAR.BZ2 to run my products on Linux.
  3. Extract the Ren’Py folder and then put the folder of your GalaxyPink product inside it, for example, your folder called “SFK4” or whatever.
  4. Instead of running the SFK program, run Ren’Py.
  5. You should be able to find your GalaxyPink product in the project list on the left side. Select it.
  6. Click on “Launch project” on the lower right side of the screen.
  7. That should force my project to run. I hope you enjoy it!


Regarding General Errors:

Some users have reported the following error:

  • I’m sorry, but an exception occured while executing your Ren’Py script.
    ScriptError: could not find label ‘start’.
    While running game code:
    – script at line 84 of renpy-6.4.0/common/00mainmenu.rpy
    …And so on, it’s a long error description.
  • Users have received this error when extracting the game ZIP file using Windows’ unzipping function and dragging the folder out of the ZIP rather than choosing to “Extract”. WinZip or Windows “Extract All” function should be fine. If you purchased from DLsite, try using DLsite’s Lhasa ZIP extractor instead:Click here to download the LHASA extractor.

The source of the most common errors is when the software is extracted incorrectly. This can damage the software’s directory structure, which is required for the software to run. Just go back to the ZIP, or re-download the ZIP that you purchased, and right-click on it, and choose to “Extract” it, rather than opening the ZIP file as a folder and dragging the files out.
Other common errors may be caused by auto-save files and other non-essential files getting corrupted. Look in the software’s main folder, then in the “game” folder, you can safely delete any file called “bytecode“, as well as any files that appear in the “saves” folder.

If you try all of these suggestions and your software still isn’t working properly, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the Contact form, or via email to: galaxy at