A collection of designs, promos, and other images from my body of work including the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series, and other current, future, past, or canceled projects.

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First, a few random images from throughout the development of the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series:


A few random images from miscellaneous projects:

I know you’re going to ask… for the projects shown here that are not already in development, I have no specific plans for developing any of them. Those are all “on the back burner” until further notice, if not cancelled entirely.

And these are all images that I’ve done for (or featuring) my friend November, usually for her birthday every year, but also a few miscellaneous ones – including her guest appearance in Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1 Galaxy Edition:

Because why not? Novie’s the only friend I have who is also a supportive fan of my work, and I happen to have enough pictures of her to fill a gallery.