SFK5 and other news

Hi guys!

So, internet piracy sucks. My sales drop off dramatically once my work starts getting pirated (no matter what pirates claim about how they wouldn’t buy it anyway, or it’s a “try before you buy” philosophy… which is mostly just rationalizations to make themselves feel better about why it’s perfectly acceptable to do something they know is wrong and illegal). If you guys didn’t know, I make about a minimum wage income, ‘Clockwork Companion’ the bonus scene to SFK1:Galaxy Edition, was a labor of love like all my products are, and it took me a solid month of 12-15 hour work days (I tend to work in insane bursts like that) – and I’m selling it as a standalone, for only $3.50. I put my heart and soul into everything I create, and lots of people think it’s worth exactly zero dollars.

What’s worse, is that some people buy it from me, and then share it with hundreds of other people for free. I understand wanting instant gratification, and I understand wanting to win the favor of other people by giving them something. But you know me. I’m not a faceless corporation, I think that’s pretty obvious from my site. I’m just one person, I love my work, and I love my fans, and I depend on this job because it’s my only job and I can usually barely pay my rent.

I had a pirate once tell me I should get a job, to support myself, since my work is so extensively pirated. Do you know how insulting that was? >_<

Oh well. If you talk to pirates, you get a faceful of a bag of dicks. You get hate, and entitlement, and selfishness, and it hurts my feelings too much to really do it anymore. Like I said recently, motivating myself is my job, and hearing how little my work is worth to certain people spat directly in my face just doesn’t do me any good.

If you see my work pirated on a file-sharing site (not a torrent), let me know, so I can get it taken down. But I try to avoid the whole thing because it’s just too disheartening.

Let’s move on to the news about Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5!

I’m going to release SFK5 in increments, like the SFK5:The Vampires. You guys have waited too long, and so I’m going to release it scene-by-scene as I get it done.

Anyone who Pre-Ordered SFK5 will get each scene for free as it becomes available, like a subscription, and then the full version when it’s done.  Anyone who Pre-Ordered with a donation will get an extra bonus scene.

Each scene will be available for separate purchase too!

I’ve decided to create the Shay vs. the Bandits scene as the first new SFK5 scene, and I redesigned the bandits to be all girls, because… that’s clearly better, in my opinion! One of them is a half-dark-elf! Click below for some images:

The Bandit Princess

The halfing Bandit Princess Marigold, and her gang of… thugs.

Preview Gallery:


(since a couple of people have asked, I thought I should actually describe the scenes a little bit here)

  • Shay vs. the Bandits – everyone’s favorite hapless adventuress will get waylaid by the halfling bandit princess and her gang who I redesigned to include a Half-Dark-Elf (obviously futanari as all elves are), and a witch who will be able to grow a magical girlcock because what else is magic good for in my world? ^_^
  • Pre-vampire Vampire Girls – okay this one is already done, and it has everybody’s favorite vampire before she was a vampire (and the other one), vs. the vampire lord, and… there’s a little lesbian stuff, a little humor, and some decent special effects!
  • The War of Dark Elves vs. Holy Knights – there are six dark elves and six knights, and it’s going to be a massive orgy – which is how wars should be conducted, in my opinion.
  • The Tomb Robbers vs. the… other tomb robbers! – Two groups of tomb robbers try to rob the same tomb and end up having an orgy instead… as one does. There are two elves in this scene, and an interactive feature – you will get to choose whether the elves go futa-on-male, or not! Because people have been requesting futa-on-male for years, and for exactly as long people have been requesting that I never do futa-on-male – so you’ll get to decide!
  • The shy future Magistrate vs. the Pirate Queen – Delphine the Pirate Queen played a formative role in the Magistrate’s life… and as we saw in Pirate Amnesty she is able to grow a magical ladycock. Maybe those two things are related! Furthermore her first mate is a rather mean-spirited Wild Elf (we’ve never seen Wild Elves before in my world, by the way).
  • Aisling the Peasant Girl and the Spirit of the Forest – Aisling has a lot of forest friends, the forest giant, the forest elf (not the same as a wild elf, by the way), and that’s because she met the forest spirit (who is also futanari by the way)… and… the forest spirit was pleased.
  • The Magic School – Ahh… school life, where your headmistress is a half-elf dominatrix, and your teacher wants to suck out your life force to keep herself young, leaving you a desiccated husk. What’s a young student witch to do? Well, the scene starts with a hard spanking…
  • Another scene? – I’d like to make SFK5 extra large, the scenes are already longer than usual and some contain interactivity, so it’s a big project, but I might add in another scene if I think of one as I go along.
  • Bonus Scene: The Girl Prince and the Boy Princess – this one will probably be the bonus scene for anyone who orders with a donation, unless I think of another amazing scene and this one just gets included with the others. Back in the Sea Kingdom of Aquataria, Meris and her pretty twin brother switch clothes for the first time… and it’s far more arousing than either of them expected (these two characters were an idea I had before I even started the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series, so I’m looking forward to using them). It might be inspired by a scene from Hinemosunotari, my favorite artist, that had a boy crossdressing, then a girl version of him came out of a mirror, and magically stole his cock and put it on herself and used it on him but he could still feel it… except no mirror, they’re actually just twins already. ^_^’
  • Remember, each scene will be available for purchase separately, even if you didn’t pre-order or get it included.
  • Pre-Orders are now closed, so aside from purchasing each separately, the way to get each scene is to support my work on Patreon at the $12 level, that way you’ll get access to all my scenes and products as they come out!


In other news! And an important question!

I’m also spending the summer working on a project for VampYou.com, that I’m very excited about – and I’m going to try and divide my time between the two projects. Basically, alternating between one vampire scene and one SFK5 scene. Here’s one of my favorite shots from that so far (this project is in 720p HD widescreen format, which is one of several ways it’s kind of experimental for me):

The Vampire 1983

Cleo the vampire, testing her vampire reflexes…

You guys… should I do a “futanari mode” for these characters? Should they both be futanari, or just the vampire, or just her “victim” or what? What do you think?


SFK1:Galaxy Edition was just released on DLsite in Japanese and English! International customers who have had trouble with my billing company here can try purchasing it from there. It is censored according to Japanese law, but here on my XXX Uncensored page is a de-censoring patch you can download, for free, for the English version only!


And at the end of this month, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1 and 2 (Galaxy Editions), and a bundle of SFK3 & 4 will be getting sold on Affect3D.com!  I’m very excited to be partnering up with such a popular 3D porn marketplace! ^_^