SFK Encyclopedia: Shay Odanna

Name: Shay Odanna
Race: Human

Shay Odanna is an impetuous novice adventuress with big dreams, and notorious bad luck. She sets out on every quest she can find, regardless of whether she is prepared, and quickly ventures into areas far too dangerous for someone so inexperienced…

Shay wants to become a powerful adventuress like her grandmother, the legendary heroine Fiona Odanna who slayed the dragon of Eastwind Peak, but lacks the patience to train and practice her adventuring skills. Despite this, her many failures have toughened her, and she always returns to the adventuring life.

Shay has a sister, Thress, who lives in the capitol and is a frequent patron of The Blushing Elf tavern. Whenever Shay suffers a crushing defeat, she returns to the family household where her sister nurses her back to health.

Bad Luck: Shay’s bad luck comes not just from her reckless explorations, but also from a cursed item she believes to be a keepsake from the great Fiona’s adventuring days.

Vampirism: Shay’s Halloween experience was just a bad dream brought on by eating too much Halloween candy. She was not really turned into a vampire.

Locations: Eastwoods – Orc Camp, Eastwoods – Settler’s Fields, Eastwoods – Pixie Glen, Village – Pumpkin Farm, Kalmira Crossroads

Products: Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1 – Sex with Creatures, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 3 – Black Magic, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1 – Sex with Creatures (Anniversary Edition), Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 4 – Futanari Kingdom, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: Vampire Halloween, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol 5. – Sexual History


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