SFK Encyclopedia: Lysandra Merlane

Name: Lysandra Merlane
Race: Human

Lysandra Merlane is a sorceress of considerable power, specializing in commanding and creating golems.  Like all sorceresses in Istaria, she primarily relies on sexual energy for her magical power.  She carries a staff in the shape of a serpent, which represents powerful ancient magic, rebirth, and signifies among the desert people, healing ability.

Her purple hair and eyes are natural, due to some Forest Elf blood in her mother’s family.  Despite her family connection to the forest, Lysandra was raised in the Capitol City where she attended the Magic School, and she now lives and thrives in the Kalmira desert.  After taking control of the Stone Guardian of the Desert, she used it to construct a luxurious tower for her magical research, where she still resides.

She is known to the royal family of Istaria as a sage and expert on golems, sexual magic, and ancient history.  She is known to the locals of the Kalmira Desert as a guardian and healer in times of trouble.

The Stone Guardian: Legends tell of a powerful ancient civilization that once ruled the land that is now Istaria, and its neighboring kingdom Aquataria.  The civilization was protected in part by stone guardians scattered throughout the lands, said to be resistant to most forms of magic, and powerful enough to slay dragons.  The Stone Guardian of the Desert is the only remaining guardian known to exist.

Locations: Kalmira Desert – Stone Guardian Shrine, Kalmira Desert – Tower of Lysandra, Capitol City – Magic School

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