SFK Encyclopedia: Athropos Athras

Name: Athropos Athras
Race: Dark Elf

Athropos Athras is a nefarious Dark Elf spy, hunted by the kingdom of Istaria for impregnating Princess Aricia. Like all Dark Elf spies, Athropos is under a blood oath to serve as a spy and assassin, and commits to her missions with deadly determination. Because of her many successes however, both within the dark lands of the Dark Elves, and in the bright lands, she is given a great deal of leeway by her superiors. She often wanders the bright lands alone or with friends, looking for opportunities to indulge her playful cruelty, and her overactive sex drive.

Athropos collects souvenirs from raids and missions in the bright lands, especially foods (the more sour, the better). She has a copy of her wanted poster, featuring an artist’s rendering of her face, and her enormous member – from the Princess’ description.

Royal Plot: Though Athropos is not the direct heir to a noble title, her clan is the royal house of the Dark Elves. Athropos impregnated the Princess so that the Dark Elves will have a legitimate claim to the throne; a child with royal blood both from the humans, and from the Dark Elves. Such a child could force an allegiance between the two nations, for better or worse.

Virility: Athropos is well known among the Dark Elves for her virility. She has sired countless children with many partners, even several who used magical birth control methods… and one who was also wearing a chastity belt. Her secret is her favorite treat from the bright lands, a sour herb called Coneyroot which she chews, or brews as a tea. Most humans and elves are unaware of the root’s uses because the taste is generally considered unpleasant. Even other Dark Elves have called her tea “Nasty!”, “Pond Scum!” and “How can you drink that?? I’m gonna barf!”.

Locations: Capitol City – Princess Aricia’s Bedchamber, Eastwoods – Settler’s Fields, Northwoods – Temple Ruins

Products: Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 2 – Futanari Elves, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 3 – Black Magic, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 2 – Futanari Elves (Galaxy Edition), Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol 5. – Sexual History, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince


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