Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Galaxy Edition FULL VERSION

The full version of SFK1 Galaxy Edition is here, with a huge all-new bonus scene featuring me, Galaxy Pink, and my “Clockwork Companion”! Every original scene is improved and upgraded from its 2007 version, with higher resolution artwork, new lighting, and more realism – there are some new animations, and two completely redesigned scenes!

If you already own the BETA version for Windows, you can download the update utility for FREE, to add the Clockwork Companion bonus scene to your version.

(if you have a problem with the patcher, it’s a known issue, with a working fix until I can replace the patcher – check my first comment down below for instructions)
FREE update utility

Or you can get the full version now!

SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows

SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC

(MAC users who Pre-Ordered, keep an eye out, I’ll be sending you a coupon code to get the full version for free!)

Sample Images:

Click below for some sample animated shots:

Galaxy and November

This is my favorite animation from the bonus scene!

Lysandra and the Desert Guardian

Lysandra the very nimble sorceress in her all-new animation.

Aisling and the Giant

I added a new camera angle to this scene, because this action was never shown before!

Shay Odanna and the Orcs... terrible band name

And how can you say no to these orcs? You can’t, orcs don’t take no for an answer.


  • The Galaxy Edition has an all-new, all-original bonus scene featuring me, Galaxy Pink, and my real-life friend November, in a lush dream sequence with 180 images, and eight animations! It’s at least twice as big as any other scene, and it’s genuinely the best scene I’ve ever created!
  • The magic shop witch tries out a futanari potion on her catgirl servant – this scene is completely redesigned with all-new artwork!
  • Shay the hapless adventuress is waylaid by orcs, in her classic scene with new-and-improved lighting and texture shaders, for higher detail and realism.
  • Lysandra the sorceress awakens the desert stone golem using her sexual energy, in a remastered scene with an additional all-new animation.
  • The peasant girl has her rendezvous with her forest giant paramour in a sweetly, softly upgraded version of her original scene.
  • A demonologist summons a futanari angel into her evil lair – this scene is completely redesigned with all-new artwork too!
  • A futanari elf sorceress tries to free her beautiful friend from fairy magic by powering up her sexual energy, in the original 2008 Anniversary Edition bonus scene.
  • The daring tomb-robbing thief is attacked by a creeping ghoul with one all-new animation added to her original harrowing scene.

All artwork from the original has been updated, I’ve tried to make everything as beautiful as possible. All sound and voice has been improved from the original versions, with voices by Himari, Nitrogoblin, Nanase Watarai, Sayaka Keina, and of course me, Galaxy Pink! I also learned to play the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom theme music by Yoshiki Ara on the guitar, so I could include it in the bonus scene!

Thanks for waiting for this one, you guys! I’m so happy I could make my first original project into something spectacular again! ^_^

The Clockwork Companion

The Clockwork Companion comes online… huh? What double meaning?