Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince

The Girl Prince of the Sea Kingdom has come to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!

Prince Meris Veronica Aquataria has come from the Sea Kingdom of Aquataria on a diplomatic mission. But she’s getting more than a royal welcome, when everyone’s favorite Dark Elf spy appears! Watch the chases, escapes, fighting, and sex as these two formidable and beautiful women face off! Undress the Prince with 6 clothing levels, choose your camera angle to watch Prince Meris or Athropos the Dark Elf, and save your favorite images to your computer.

33 base images in 1024×768 resolution, with Clothing and Camera Angle variations, for a total of over 300 CG images!

Since there’s a Dark Elf involved, this CG image set is bigger, and longer, than any I’ve done so far, but you can get it for the same low price! If you’d like to support my work and make a $10 donation, I’ll put you on the list to get something super special the next time these two characters show up! – just to be clear though, bonus material will be available separately if you don’t purchase it today! This is worry-free porn! ^_^

Purchase SFK:The Girl Prince
Purchase SFK:The Girl Prince and Donate

Purchase SFK:The Girl Prince for Mac
Purchase SFK:The Girl Prince for Mac and Donate

Requirements & Specifications:
512MB RAM minimum
XGA 1024×768 or larger display
Sound card for voice/music

-PC version: Windows 98+, XP, Vista, Windows 7