Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: Clockwork Companion (standalone bonus scene)

For those of you who want to get the bonus scene by itself, without the rest of SFK1:Galaxy Edition, you can get it here for a low price!

SFK-Clockwork Companion for Windows
SFK-Clockwork Companion for Windows
SFK-Clockwork Companion for Windows

SFK-Clockwork Companion for MAC
SFK-Clockwork Companion for MAC
SFK-Clockwork Companion for MAC

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The Clockwork Companion

Humor, excitement, steampunk futanari, gothic lolita femdom, and more!

This scene was originally created as the bonus scene for the Galaxy Edition release of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom volume 1. For the Galaxy Edition of SFK volume 2, I created a scene featuring myself, Galaxy Pink, and it was a big hit. This time, I invited my friend November to join me!

In the scene, I start at my desk, talking to November online. You may have seen her posting on here, and in some of my side project artwork (I do a piece of art for her every year, for her birthday, because I’m an awesome friend). Then, I fall asleep, and have a dream sequence where I’m stowing away aboard a ship. I get discovered and run and hide in a stateroom where there is a “Clockwork Companion”, a luxury doll/automaton, played in the dream sequence by Novie. Then… realizing that I have a sexy doll to play with, I do exactly that! Who could resist?

Little do I know, she also comes with attachments – but I discover soon enough. And her attachment works just like the real thing! Except it’s purple, which is kind of better because purple is my favorite color. The “Clockwork Companion” goes a little haywire, and gets way too aggressive, but then I get my revenge!

This scene has eight animations, which is more than I’ve ever put into a single scene! It’s about twice the length of one of my normal scenes. I hope you enjoy it!

Galaxy and November

This is one camera angle from my favorite animation from the bonus scene!

And here’s a gratuitous butt shot – typical of this scene which is loaded with gratuitous butt shots! ^_^


It’s important to give your Clockwork Companion a thorough examination.