Progress Report and also Dark Elf Ladyparts

First the great news, my billing company BMT Micro has decided to keep their existing adult vendors! They’re not accepting any more adult vendors but at least I don’t have to pay exorbitant setup fees to switch billing companies… so all the donations and pre-orders I’ve been getting will go to build a new computer to speed the development of SFK5 and all other projects! I can’t wait!

You can still PRE-ORDER SFK 5 HERE and since I’m keeping my billing company, I’m going to extend the Pre-Order special offer beyond May, until SFK5 is done. So if you pay the donation price, you’ll get something extra when it’s done!

You can also still CLICK HERE TO DONATE if you can afford it, I will always appreciate extra support! But this donation drive has been wonderful and I’m saved, I have everything I need for now, so thank you guys so much!

Speaking of my computer, I really do need an upgrade! I thought this pictorial project “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince” would take a week, but my computer hasn’t been handling it well at all. It will be done soon, hopefully in a few more days, but since it’s taking longer than expected I wanted to get back and post an update about it… and put this lovely image in your heads:

White Glove Service

Looks like Athropos is getting the White Glove Service