PRE-ORDERS of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: Sexual History are now CLOSED

Pre-Orders of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: Sexual History are now closed!

Since I originally started this offer, I changed the policy a little – everyone who has Pre-Ordered will count for having a “subscription”.  Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5 will now be offered as a series of standalone episodes that will be released as soon as they’re available – so no long wait until the whole thing is done!  Then you’ll also get the complete volume once every scene is done.

Each scene will also be available for purchase separately, if you missed the Pre-Order deadline!

To get access to the scenes once they’re complete, you can purchase them individually, or pledge your support on my Patreon page, for $12 or more per month, and get the scenes as a bonus, as a reward for your donation!

If you chose the extra donation price for your pre-order, or if you make a $12+ per month pledge on Patreon at, you will also get access to a bonus scene at the end of the subscription!



Preview Gallery:

(this is a tentative list as far as details, and I haven’t decided the order in which they’ll be released, except that Shay vs. the Bandits is coming up next)

  • Pre-vampire Vampire Girls – okay this one is already done, and it has everybody’s favorite vampire before she was a vampire (and the other one), vs. the vampire lord, and… there’s a little lesbian stuff, a little humor, and some decent special effects!
  • Shay vs. the Bandits – everyone’s favorite hapless adventuress will get waylaid by the halfling bandit princess and her gang who I redesigned to include a Half-Dark-Elf (obviously futanari as all elves are), and a witch who will be able to grow a magical girlcock because what else is magic good for in my world? ^_^
  • The War of Dark Elves vs. Holy Knights – there are six dark elves and six knights, and it’s going to be a massive orgy – which is how wars should be conducted, in my opinion.
  • The Tomb Robbers vs. the… other tomb robbers! – Two groups of tomb robbers try to rob the same tomb and end up having an orgy instead… as one does. There are two elves in this scene, and an interactive feature – you will get to choose whether the elves go futa-on-male, or not! Because people have been requesting futa-on-male for years, and for exactly as long people have been requesting that I never do futa-on-male – so you’ll get to decide!
  • The shy future Magistrate vs. the Pirate Queen – Delphine the Pirate Queen played a formative role in the Magistrate’s life… and as we saw in Pirate Amnesty she is able to grow a magical ladycock. Maybe those two things are related! Furthermore her first mate is a rather mean-spirited Wild Elf (we’ve never seen Wild Elves before in my world, btw).
  • Aisling the Peasant Girl and the Spirit of the Forest – Aisling has a lot of forest friends, the forest giant, the forest elf (not the same as a wild elf, by the way), and that’s because she met the forest spirit (who is also futanari by the way)… and… the forest spirit was pleased.
  • The Magic School – Ahh… school life, where your headmistress is a half-elf dominatrix, and your teacher wants to suck out your life force to keep herself young, leaving you a desiccated husk. What’s a young student witch to do? Well, the scene starts with a hard spanking…
  • Another scene? – I’d like to make SFK5 extra large, the scenes are already longer than usual and some contain interactive components, so it’s a big project, but I might add in another scene if I think of one as I go along.
  • Bonus Scene: The Girl Prince and the Boy Princess – this one will be the bonus scene for anyone who ordered with a donation or donates $12 or more per month on Patreon, unless I think of another amazing scene and this one just gets included with the others. Princess Meris, before she was “The Girl Prince” of the Sea Kingdom and her pretty twin brother Prince Marin come to visit Princess Aricia of the SFK (perfect time to bring her back as well), and the siblings switch clothes for the first time… and it’s far more arousing than either of them expected! The Girl Prince and the Boy Princess were an idea I had before I even started the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series, so I’m looking forward to using them!
  • Each scene will be available for purchase separately, even if you didn’t pre-order, and anyone who supports my work for a donation of $12 a month or more at my Patreon page will get access to all the scenes as a reward!
  • REMEMBER, Pre-Orders are now closed, so that’s now the only way to get every scene by subscription.

If you haven’t gotten access to one of your scenes, if your email address changes, or you switch from Windows to Mac or anything, don’t worry! Just email me using the Contact Form and let me know what you’d like to change. ^_^

When is SFK5 coming out? Well, it’s coming out in increments, as soon as I can create them, but the simple answer is “I don’t know! >_<” but I’m really looking forward to releasing this one because it’s going to be the best work I’ve ever done!

I promise.