Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Galaxy Edition

UPDATE: The final version is now available for Windows PC and MAC – including the Clockwork Companion bonus scene!

If you already own the BETA version for Windows, you can download the update utility for FREE, to add the Clockwork Companion bonus scene to your version.
FREE update utility

Or you can get the full version of SFK1 Galaxy Edition now!

SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows

SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC

MAC users who PRE-ORDERED SFK1, give me a couple of days and I’ll send you a coupon code to grab this version for free. The Pre-Order links (if you find any I haven’t caught yet) now lead directly to the full version purchase, for the full price.

Okay, so you can Pre-Order SFK1:Galaxy Edition! It’s almost done, and I can’t wait to show you guys! *SQUEEE* I’ve kept SFK1 sort of hidden shamefully in a closet because I thought the artwork was so bad, but as I’ve been recreating the scenes with all of my best new 3D techniques I’ve realized two things… One, that I was actually really good at conveying stories quickly, through really iconic imagery. Some of those bold images are finally recreated in the gallery below.

I’m finally recreating SFK1 in a form I am truly proud of, and excited to show off as the flagship of the series, instead of its embarrassing old relative. And I’m thrilled! I’m so happy you guys, the work is just pouring out of me, it’s squirting out of me in hot, glorious wave after wave! I can’t even stop! And it feels so good… to be working this much and to be this happy about an upcoming product again! It’s taking a little longer because I’m so dedicated to making it beautiful, because SFK5 is coming up and that’s backstory for some of this. And I clearly have no concept of how long it takes me to make things beautiful.

Shay Odanna and the Orcs... terrible band name

But how can you say no to these orcs? You can’t, orcs don’t take no for an answer.

The second thing I realized is, I have to pay my taxes pretty soon and I only have half of what I need saved up. My sales in February and March are supposed to generate the rest, but what if I don’t get it done until towards the end of March! So, I was going to wait until it’s done, but instead I’m going to let you guys Pre-Order SFK1: Galaxy Edition now, because I need to earn enough money to pay my taxes. Since I’ve tested the Pre-Order process with the Vampire scene and SFK5 (and you can still get SFK:The Vampires for free if you Pre-Order SFK5), I’ve got the system streamlined.

Let me tell you some features of the Galaxy Edition, and then I’ll drop those buttons so you can Pre-Order your copy:

  • First, all the old artwork is being recreated with better lighting, better surface shaders, specular and bump mapping for more detailed, realistic surfaces, depth-of-field rendering, all the great 3D stuff I’ve learned how to do in the past five years since creating the original!
  • Everything is getting bumped up to 1024×768 resolution, to see all that increased detail in a larger window.
  • Some scenes are longer, with additional all-new intro shots, story material, and of course extra animations! More story and more sex!
  • Some scenes have been totally redesigned and recreated from scratch, with the same story, but everything else just plain better.
  • And of course it wouldn’t be the “Galaxy Edition” if there wasn’t a new bonus scene featuring me, Galaxy Pink! And this time, my friend November is starring in the scene too – anyone who follows me on deviantART has seen a lot of her, and I’ve been talking about doing a scene with her for literally years. And I just have to say, it’s hot. Beyond that, words fail me, just… hot.

In other words, I’ve got something bigger, and longer for you, and it’s coming soon!

Thank you so much, you guys! I can’t wait to give it to you, it’s so big and long, and I know you’re going to love it!