News That Includes Dark Elves

Hi everybody! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, fund-raising is going wonderfully! I’m getting really close to my goal and I’m feeling a lot less totally stressed about everything. So, wow, you guys are the best! ^_^

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Now for the rest of the news, and the decisions I’ve made about all the ideas you guys have suggested:

-YES, SFK5 is now available to pre-order, and if you pre-order it at the donation price you’ll get a bonus… something when it comes out. I don’t know what yet! O_O

-To help raise money to develop SFK5 I’ve decided to create two products in the meantime. One will be the Galaxy Edition of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Sex with Creatures – with a bonus Galaxy Pink scene, and some much improved artwork! I was never very happy with the catgirl, or the demonologist in SFK1, and I’ve redesigned them with very good results. Check it out:

-Before that comes out, I’m going to create another non-animated project (along the lines of Pirate Amnesty or Vampire Halloween), basically because I know I can get a project that size done in the rest of this month, and I may ONLY have the month of May to raise money!

This project will actually be a prelude to “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 6: Sexual Revolution” (the one where we’ll finally learn about the Princess and her baby). She’ll have charming Princes from all the other kingdoms visiting to try and woo her, including one who is very unorthodox… a Girl Prince! In this prelude, Prince Meris Veronica Aquataria, the Prince of the sea kingdom (where Delphine the Pirate Queen comes from, incidentally) will run afoul of everybody’s favorite Dark Elf spy, Athropos Athras!

Here’s a picture of them in the royal palace. Prince Meris is so fancy! ^_^

Prince Meris and Athropos Athras

Now that’s my kind of Prince Charming! <3

I’ve been wanting to use Prince Meris for a long time actually! She’s from one of my original product ideas from 2007, before I decided on Sexual Fantasy Kingdom. It was similar (since I ended up using a lot of the concepts in the SFK series – Lysandra Merlane and Shay Odanna were in it, as well as elf priestess Thania, the Princess’ bodyguard who evolved into Holy Knight Captain Sera Swordred, and the Magic Shop Witch Heidrun Halldora and her futanari potion), but it was an “Otoko no Ko” project called “Boy Princess” and focused on twins, a Prince and Princess who were unhappy in their roles and switched places, and dressed in each others’ clothes so that the Princess could run off on adventures… apparently the ruling family of Aquataria is very alternative! More families should be so accepting and supportive of their weird kids! ^_^

(I’m still looking for a place to fit in a crossdressing boy, in SFK… since Elves don’t have males at all, I think they’d be fascinated by a boy in girls’ clothes!)