New Site Launched!

Finally, at long last, I’ve launched my new overhaul of!

With this new format, I should be able to keep you guys better informed about what I’m up to, update more regularly than ever before, and give away free material as often as I can come up with some.

New Features:
Shop: Buy my products directly from me, uncensored, for a much lower price – currently just about everything is 50% off the standard DLsite price.
Encyclopedia: I’m going to be posting informational entries on everything I can think of from the entire Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series, and creating bonus images specifically for these entries. So far, I’ve only posted one to launch the feature: Lysandra Merlane, the purple-haired golem-loving sorceress from SFK1 and SFK3. As I post more entries, I’ll create cross-referencing links between them as well.
New Contact Options: I now have a Contact form, which might make it easier for some of you to get in touch with me, though email is still fine. The site also has an RSS feed, and I started a Twitter account – either of those should help keep you up-to-date, and I posted a deviantArt gallery which has a ton of images normally only available within my products (though nothing more than “R-rated”), with in-depth explanations, and character names.

Some of you will notice that I got rid of the product listings for certain projects. The original 2007 versions of SFK1 and SFK2 no longer appear on the site. The updated editions are major improvements, and I won’t be selling the old ones directly. Futanari GAME Girlfriend, Pink Galaxy, and The Real Adventures of GalaxyPink are gone as well – I may or may not ever develop these products, but for now they’re “on the back burner”. The Real Adventures is pretty likely gone forever – too many of my real-life cohorts have expressed reservations about appearing in porn.

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Sex with Creatures (Anniversary Edition) is currently not available for sale directly from me. This is because I’m working on a revised edition that will have a few small changes. Once that’s done, I’ll make it available immediately. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to create a patch to update the Anniversary Edition to the revised version… or if I’ll have to sell it as an entirely new product. I’m hoping that everyone who purchased the Anniversary Edition will be able to update to the revised version for free, but I don’t know yet.