Mac Versions Now Available!

Many of you have been asking me, literally for years, when I’ll release Mac versions of my software. Now they’re available!

Check out the Products section (which is a little messed up, be sure not to miss Sex Match, and SFK: Pirate Amnesty – which sometimes don’t show up in the products section for reasons as yet unknown to me).

Other news:
Discounts for International Customers: I’m trying out a new billing scheme with my distributor that should allow you to pay closer to the USD value of my products, in Euros or British Pounds. This represents a significant discount for those of you purchasing my products in Europe!
High Resolution Dark Elf Gallery: I know you couldn’t miss it, but I had to also make an announcement. “The Dark Elf”, Athropos is one of my most popular characters, and so I created an extra large gallery of extra large images for her Encyclopedia entry. Maybe some of you will use them as desktop wallpapers! ^_^
Upcoming Releases: There will be another Sexual Fantasy Kingdom. I’m currently working on determining whether it’ll be like the others, or have different features. I’m hoping to release another small project between now and then (something like Pirate Amnesty, which should also be available on DLsite soon), and I’m working on 2D artwork for a promotional project. I’ll also be making an announcement at some point about collaborative works that will be available on another site…

I may have fallen off the face of the Earth again, but I’m clawing my way back to reality. Back to sexual fantasy. Back to you! <3