Mac Users

GalaxyPink Mac versions are now available!

Mac users can now purchase all GalaxyPink products currently available for direct download, in a native Mac version. Go to the Products section, or the listing for any product, to purchase!

Purchased product downloads are available in .ZIP archive format. The Mac unarchive utility should be able to extract the files normally. If not, try the free or paid version of WinZip, available for Mac: Click Here to visit

GalaxyPink Mac Launcher Available:

Click Here to download the Mac Launcher to run Windows PC versions of GalaxyPink software on a Mac.


  • Purchase any GalaxyPink software or download a free trial version.
  • Unzip the to get the launcher App.
  • Place a copy of the App in the game folder, where the software .exe file is found (called SFK1.exe, SFK2.exe or whichever). You can make as many copies as you like to use with all your GalaxyPink titles.
  • Double-click the App to run the software.
  • Enjoy!

NOTE: the current version of the launcher will probably only run titles in the numbered Sexual Fantasy Kingdom series. To run other products, either purchase the Mac version from this site, or use the instructions below.

Mac Launcher software is available for free, “as-is”, with no warranty express or implied.


Trouble with the Mac Launcher, or Mac versions:

If the launcher absolutely won’t work for you, it’s possible to run GalaxyPink software by another method: