Love, GalaxyPink

I meant to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I was busy! Shhh. I wanted to let you guys know a bit of news. If you Pre-Ordered SFK5, you got a code to get The Vampires for free and a coupon code to save on your next purchase through the end of February, right? (I had trouble with some of those coupon codes but they’re working now)

So many of you said that you already had everything of mine, so I suggested that you save that coupon to use for SFK1:Galaxy Edition. Here’s the news: If I don’t finish SFK1:Galaxy Edition in February, I’m going to extend those coupon codes, so they can be used on SFK1 (only) whenever it gets done, and for a few days after. For all other products, the codes will still expire at the end of this month!

I’ll get it done as soon as I can, but don’t worry, if you Pre-Ordered SFK5, you’ll still get to use your discount on SFK1:Galaxy Edition.

And, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, which is over but whatever, here’s a picture of one of my favorite couples from the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies, Captain of the Holy Knights Sera Swordred and elven Priestess Thania Isteth:

The Lovers

Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.