Latest news from the Dark Angel’s oasis

Hey you guys!

So, as some of you know my website was down (and messed up) for about a week this past month. Everything’s been back up and running for a while and it was much worse than it looked, so I’m sorry if anyone was worried!

My web host upgraded my WordPress software, but because the site originally had an age verification front page, my WordPress install wasn’t quite standard. That messed up every link on the site (I had to go through all my posts and correct all the links), so that was a little bit of a pain. Also, I was using a CDN, but I forgot to update the CDN information to the new information from my host, so the site was just down entirely until I corrected the DNS information and then that took a little while to propagate. For some reason it was slow to propagate in France, and in the southern United States, but now it should fine everywhere.

The good news about all that though, is that the site is now hosted on a faster server, with some optimization for WordPress, and so everything should be running a little faster and smoother than it has in the past. Since I had to go in and edit everything anyway, I also tweaked a few things that should help also – like you might notice that all direct file download links, like for the RPG thingy are going over to my other site (where I was originally selling SEX MATCH). That’s because now that is on a different server, they don’t share bandwidth, so I can host large downloads there, and not cut into the speed of the main site.

I was going to say something about it when it all happened, but once it was fixed I was kind of sick of dealing with it, so then I just got busy with work. The treasure hunter scene is not quite done yet, but I’m hoping to wrap that up this month. It has six characters, and while that’s pretty epic, it’s also kind of challenging! It’s making me a little worried about the dark elf scene though, because that’s going to have about a dozen characters! It’ll be quite an achievement though, once it’s done!

Dealing with people robbing a tomb in the current scene got me thinking about the metaphysics of the world of the SFK, so I tinkered with new versions of the Angel of Light and Angel of Darkness characters, and came up with some really nice artwork!

Angel of Darkness

Angels of Darkness know how to relax – (click for the 1080HD version)

There’s a “heaven” of some kind, and both the angels are from there. The Angel of Darkness is not exactly an evil being, or a fallen angel. She’s just attuned to people’s vices and desires, while the Angel of Light is attuned to their virtues and hopes. The Angel of Light is there to guide and judge mortals, and the Angel of Darkness is there to test and tempt them – if they’re going to interfere with the lives of mortals at all, which they don’t usually do.

They both serve the goddess of the SFK, who was a war goddess in the pantheon of the ancients, but is now a lone deity. She thrust her sword into the ground and pursued the path of peace – which is why she’s represented by a downward pointing sword without the tip visible, sometimes mistaken for a cross. ^_^

That’s also why vampires are afraid of that symbol – because as anyone who played my little RPG knows, a holy sword can do a lot of damage to monsters!

There is a “hell” sort of place where demons live, and demons are truly evil. Luckily for everyone in the SFK, we haven’t seen any around… yet.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend! ^_^