Latest News!

First, Patreon is going really well! Wow, you guys!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me so far, I hope you’re enjoying the bonus content! Maybe this is my “issues” but I’m always surprised to learn that people like me, and so many of you have been so supportive, not just on Patreon but in general, it makes me really happy! …I just made myself cry a little! >_<
News #2: Sexual Fantasy Kingdom volumes 1-4 are now available at the Affect3D Store! There’s also an interview if you want to hear me go on for six pages about my work and stuff. ^_^” They want to grab another couple of products of mine in the next few months, and that might be The Girl Prince, and Pirate Amnesty.  Sometime in between now and then, I’m going to spend a few days bringing Pirate Amnesty up to 1024×768 graphics, and adding an extra gallery of poses – that’ll be available here too, probably as a free patch update if you’ve got the original.  No, it won’t be a Galaxy Edition with me and the Pirate Queen although that would be awesome… and now that I’ve said it… well I’ll think about it, but then I might release it as a paid expansion pack (for like $2.50 or something).

News #3: Pre-Orders for SFK5 closed on July 15th, 2014 – after that the only way to get each standalone scene or the full volume is to buy them as they come out, or be a Patron on Patreon and get them as bonus content – if you’re already inclined to support my future work, go check out the page and see what you think!

News #4: Please go check out my deviantART profile, where you can see lots of art (and commentary) and vote for your favorite Sexual Fantasy Kingdom character! I put up a poll and I want lots of people to check it out! You might need a free membership to vote, but the membership also allows you to view nudity and stuff, and of course to post your own art if you’re an artist, so it’s definitely worth taking a minute to sign up!

More news after the jump:

News #5: I’m working on the next scene for SFK5, the Halfling bandit princess and her bandits versus Shay the adventuress, including a flashback sequence where Shay gets her infamous bad luck, we see a painting of her grandmother Fiona the Dragonslayer, and Shay also gets to pet a lamb! Don’t roll your eyes at me! In the final product it’ll be skippable so you can get right to the sex scene.

The scene will also have some interactivity, basically choosing which bandit gets to do what, for a couple of sequences. I want to try out that kind of feature, for the possibility of maybe doing more of a “touching game” sometime in the future. I’ll keep you posted about the progress on the scene, but for now I’ll just say it’s coming along, and looking really pretty so far!

That’s it for the news. Here’s another cropped version of some great Patreon bonus content from SFK6 (I also explained the story of SFK6 up to that point). You know exactly what you get to see in the un-cropped version! ^_~

The Magistrate's Special Guest

I can’t wait to work on this scene! The Magistrate is so excited!

SFK6 is a long way away, but I know just about the whole story already! It gets me really excited to finish with my projects, and SFK5! ^_^