It’s an Update!

Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared after New Year’s! I had life stuff happen and then I felt really awful that I didn’t get SFK1 done and it made me want to go hide in a corner…

As you already know, you can purchase the actual BETA version of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Vol. 1, Galaxy Edition – it has every scene except the bonus scene, and they all look great! I’m so proud of how it turned out! The bonus scene is still a work in progress – it’s longer than any scene I’ve ever done, so it’s taking a while! There are a couple of images from the bonus scene in the gallery below. Once it’s done, BETA owners be able to get it as a free download, but buying the full version if you didn’t get the BETA will be $12.99 instead of $10.99. Check it out here!

UPDATE: The final version is now available for Windows PC and MAC – including the Clockwork Companion bonus scene!

If you already own the BETA version for Windows, you can download the update utility for FREE, to add the Clockwork Companion bonus scene to your version.
FREE update utility

Or you can get the full version now!
SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows

SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC

MAC users who PRE-ORDERED SFK1, give me a couple of days and I’ll send you a coupon code to grab this version for free. The Pre-Order links now lead directly to the full version purchase.


Whoa! This scene looks great so far!

I’ve broken down the remainder of the work into a series of deadlines, and I’ve made good progress on that so far. If all goes according to plan, I will literally, actually, truthfully, REALLY have it done this month!

(I need the sales this month, because I have to pay my taxes next month!)

For those of you who like hearing about my personal life, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve been doing really well with “therapy” lately (but I’m in an Up cycle so it’s hard to tell for sure). I can’t afford real therapy right now, but I’ve been hitting the psychology books, and really honestly doing the work to figure out my moods, and come up with good strategies to keep myself stable.

I recommend “The Feeling Good Handbook” by Dr. David M. Burns, and MoodGYM which is a website you can use for free, that teaches all about Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and my favorite toy right now,, which is a free website where you can set tasks for yourself and get experience points and gold for completing them! It’s like the best To-Do List ever! ^_^

I’ve realized, as I was saying to my friend November tonight, I am really in the business of motivating myself. That’s the hard part of my work, I think. I’m a capable artist, when I can get myself fired up and focused for as long as it takes for these big projects. I’m being modest saying I’m just “capable”. I love my artwork and I’m always really pleased with how it comes out! ^_^ So, I have to start looking at my business not as being a professional artist since I’ve got that part covered, but as being a professional self-motivator.

My big realization, I think, is how badly it has affected me dating someone who is chronically depressed for the past two years. I’m great at cheering people up and making people laugh, but real Depression is beyond what I’m capable of fixing. She’s always down on herself, and I’ve always felt responsible, like if I can’t cheer someone up I feel like there’s more I could do, or I’m just not good enough… and then it gets me down. When she’s feeling good, she’s very clever and sexy and fun to be around, and I want her to realize how great she is, but she just won’t believe it.

I worry about her all the time, especially because I know she’s had suicidal thoughts, and she won’t get help because she doesn’t think it’ll work. I’ve tried to convince her for a while now, but to no avail so far. Meanwhile that doesn’t leave me with any emotional support of my own, and you guys know I have my own rough times. It has worn me down a lot, I think, this past year especially.

So, kind of unexpectedly, I started dating one of my close friends a few weeks ago. She’s very cheerful, encouraging, chatty, cute, and kind of perverted, which is a pretty good bunch of traits for me. We’re both in love with trying interesting foods, we’re huge nerds who litter every conversation with Monty Python and Doctor Who, Eddie Izzard and internet memes, and we just have lots of fun together all the time. It’s honestly been so great to recharge my batteries with someone positive! It’s just what I need… and it’s weird for me to be with someone who takes care of my emotional needs – I usually take care of the other person and don’t get (or ask for) a lot in return. Weird, but wonderful!

I’m assuming no one involved reads my blog… ^_^’

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on with me, rough times but lots of fixing things and getting better. I’ve got to get back to work on SFK1! I hope you guys enjoy the BETA! ^_^