Happy Halloween!

Hey you guys, just a quick post for now, because I wanted to wish you all a fun and happy Halloween. I know I had some big talk about a Halloween vampire project with VampYou.com, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it done on time – so it’s just a “project” instead of a “Halloween project” now. I think it’ll be pretty great when it’s done though.

I wanted to make a post today in case anyone was waiting for a Halloween special release. I’m afraid you’ll have to get your “special release” through other activities. I’ll post more news and pictures in the next couple of days, about what’s been going on. I have a lot of stuff to talk about, and to show you guys! ^_^

As for important news, SFK1 is still on track to be released in November, or December at the latest. Finally I’ll have a finished product for you guys! Most of the scenes are 100% done, sound and programming and everything. When I get close to the end I’m going to stop accepting Pre-Orders for SFK1 and the price for the released version will be a little higher, so don’t miss out! ^_^

Major Athropos

Major Athropos – because I couldn’t leave this post without a Halloween picture!