Happy Birthday/Hobbit-day to GalaxyPink!

It’s my birthday! (Click here to give me a wonderful gift!) And I’m taking a weekend off to go out and see The Hobbit, and to have lots of fun! In honor of Hobbits, I turned a shot from SFK5 into a wallpaper – featuring the Halfling “Bandit Princess” Marigold, and everyone’s favorite hapless adventuress, Shay Odanna.

Click here or on the image below to download the full-size widescreen HD wallpaper. Which brings me to an important question… do you guys think SFK5 should be widescreen?

SFK1: Galaxy Edition won’t be, it’s coming out in 1024×768 (either this month or next month, with a bonus scene!) and all the other products in the series will eventually match that… so I don’t know if I want to make SFK5 not match the others (OCD >_<)… then again, it could look really cool!

This widescreen wallpaper should give you an idea though:

Shay and Princess Marigold

There and back again… and by ‘there’, I mean butt sex.

Oh yeah, and other news: the Vampire scene will be available soon, as a cheap purchase for anyone, or… hopefully free for anyone who Preorders SFK5. I’m still figuring that out with my billing company, but I’ll make an announcement and everyone will get a coupon code (so let me know if you don’t want to receive an email about it, then you won’t get the coupon, but you also won’t get in trouble for liking beautiful porn crafted with love and ladycocks ^_^).

And, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince will be going up on DLsite for sale in English and Japanese probably some time next month – but the place to get it uncensored is still right here!