Happy Birthday Sexual Fantasy Kingdom!

Six years ago today, the original “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Sex with Creatures” was released on DLsite.com, and sold about 50 copies. In a few weeks I made just enough money to make me curious whether I could do this as a job… Now, I’ve been doing this for six years you guys!

You know the rest of the story. I released “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 2: Futanari Elves” in December and became a DLsite bestseller within days. That’s when I knew this was my new career. I’ve had some big successes like that one, some commercial failures (such as the greatly under-appreciated “Sex Match”, in fact here: CKCO000Q0 use that code to buy it for 50% off until October 27th, while we’re celebrating). I’ve had some windfalls and some droughts, and sometimes I’ve just barely scraped by… but for six years I’ve been living the dream of being a self-employed professional artist.

Some of you have been with me since the beginning, or from very early on. You know that means I love you most of all. You’ve seen how much I’ve grown as an artist over the years, and it’s you who have supported me all this time. So celebrate with all your friends!

Anniversary Party

Who wouldn’t want sword lessons from the sexy Holy Knight Captain?

I’m sorry SFK1’s not done in time for the 6-year anniversary, but it’s almost done. I keep saying that, so it probably doesn’t mean much right now, but I’m fired up and working constantly now, so it will be out in October or early November.

Speaking of November! That tiny adorable vixen in the purple dress is my dear friend November who will be appearing with me in the BONUS SCENE for SFK1 – but it turns out that she’s unable to do the voice recording I need, to supply her voice for the scene! *sadface*

That’s been a sticking point in development for a little while now, since the Japanese voices I usually use won’t really work for an American girl. If you guys know (or are) someone who could supply me with the necessary few minutes of moans, gasps, and giggles, as you’ve heard throughout my work, please let me know!

I’m hoping to expand my voice library anyway, to include a variety of girls recording in a variety of vocal styles, tones, accents, etc. so I’d be happy to hear from everybody. I just need a list of sounds for each “character”, just like what was recorded for me a few years ago by Sayaka Keina, Himari, and Nanase Watarai. Curious about the list? Here it is!

-Small (Fake/Nervous) Giggle
-Deep Sexual Sigh/Moan
-Small Moan/Mmm
-Small Sexual Sigh/Hunh
-Sex, Breathy, Light – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Breathy/Halting, Light-Med – 20+ second loop
-Sexual Moaning Medium Foreplay – 20+ second loop
-Sexual Moaning Heavy Foreplay – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Medium – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Medium 2 – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Heavy – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Heavy/Pre-Orgasm – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Orgasmic – 20+ second loop
-Sex, Orgasmic 2 – 20+ second loop
-Sex and Blowjob, Light – 20+ second loop
-Sex and Blowjob, Medium – 20+ second loop
-Sex and Blowjob, Medium 2 – 20+ second loop
-Sex and Blowjob, Heavy – 20+ second loop
-Orgasm with Mouth Full

Some loops are long, around 45 seconds which is great, and some are a little too short… but it’s pretty amazing how much mileage I’ve gotten out of what those three amazing voice actresses recorded for me in 2008.

So yeah, if any of you can help me out with that, or if you know anyone who can, I will officially love you forever, and so will Novie – and the embarrassingly sexy bonus scene for SFK1 can get done! If you can’t help with that, but you’d like to help me out in general, you could make a donation. I’m doing okay you guys, thanks to so many of you who have been so supportive while I’ve been going through difficult times. I’m not going to beg (unless you’re into that sort of thing, pleeeease, your Highness)… I’m just going to leave these here in case you’re feeling generous. ^_^

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