GalaxyPink is Fucked


Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for about a WEEK!  (and is still having some stability issues apparently) -it was not my fault, and it wasn’t caused by a virus or an attack on my site or anything like that, my webhost just had a hardware meltdown and the repair job was um… longer and harder than they expected (like an elf cock for example).  This site is basically my only source of income so that was a pain. T_T

AND, my credit card processing company may be dumping all their adult vendors, which will leave me positively FUCKED starting May 31st if I don’t find an alternative… the problem with most billing companies is that they have big setup fees, and I can’t remotely afford that right now – so I have to find one that has no particular setup fees, handles adult billing, and is not ONLY subscription-based, because I don’t have enough content to run a subscription site.

AND, that virus mentioned earlier is gone, but left my computer kind of fucked, to the point that it’s not handling well all the work that I have to use it for.  I was planning on getting a new one once I sold SFK5, but it’s getting hard to actually CREATE SFK5 on this machine (which was a hell of a computer when I bought it in 2008, but computers don’t age as well as… like… elf cocks for example).


So, what am I going to do?  Raise money?  I need some opinions – and by the way if anyone would like to donate to my efforts by purchasing some of my products, or an extra expensive version of Pirate Amnesty, please do, I need all the help I can get just now.

-With the resources I have, I could put SFK5 on the shelf (I KNOW) and do the Galaxy Edition of SFK1 – with a new GalaxyPink scene, and better artwork all around – I could get it done quickly and sell that to raise money.

-I could do another one of those Pirate Amnesty-like products with no animation and do it quickly and sell it to raise money.

-I could keep working on SFK5 (but the work will go more slowly on my computer now >_<) – and offer PRE-ORDERS for the month of May to raise money… but then people would clamor even more loudly for the release.  I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone by being late.

What do you guys think?


As for the image in this post, it’s related to the Galaxy Edition of SFK1… if you have a (free) membership on you can go to to check out the full-sized version of it.

Here are the buttons specifically for a Donation if you’d like to support my work out of sheer altruism – and remember that you can adjust the Qty. on the order to make a larger donation, and make me love you that much more!

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