Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: The Vampires

Here’s the 1st full scene from SFK5, as a bonus you can have for free!

NOTE: If you Pre-Ordered SFK5 and haven’t gotten your coupon code for The Vampires, just email me or click here to contact me directly and I’ll send one right out to you!

This product is one rather long standalone scene.  Other SFK5 scenes will be released as standalone products too, and if you Pre-Ordered SFK5, you can have each one for free, as well as the complete volume when it’s done.  Instead, if you pledge $12/month or more on my Patreon page, you can get each scene as it comes out as a reward, and if you pledge $50/month or more you’ll get the bonus scene and the complete volume when it’s done, as well as many other products as rewards.  Again, if you don’t get your coupon code, just contact me and I’ll send it right away! ^_^

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Vampires is the preview scene for SFK5 that I did on Halloween for  Now I can finally offer it to you here! You can all get it for $2.50, because that’s about the lowest I can go… BUT if you PRE-ORDERED SFK5, you should have gotten an email directly from me to the same email address you used for your purchase. That email contains a code to take that $2.50 off so you can get it for free! Just place your order, and enter the code in the “Discount code” box on the shopping cart screen. (That’s the MAC or PC version, whichever you originally pre-ordered – if you want to change anything you can email me with the Contact Form)

Each code is unique and it can only be used once!  I’ve been sending these emails out by hand, so if you PRE-ORDERED and you haven’t gotten your code yet, just contact me (you can also email me at

Whenever you’re ready, choose one of the options below to buy this product – Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Vampires is a single scene from the upcoming SFK5, and it features full sound, music and voice, 5 animations, and over 130 CG images where you can see how the sexy vampires of the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies became vampires in the first place! It’s a big scene, and I’m really proud of how it came out!

And… please consider making a donation now, because it really helps me out!  You know 230% more of you have PRE-ORDERED SFK5 with an additional donation, it’s more than I could have imagined! It feels so good to know how many of you really care about supporting my art! Note: your discount code will still take the $2.50 off, regardless, but you can still make a donation on top of that.

SFK The Vampires for Windows SFK The Vampires for Windows SFK The Vampires for Windows SFK The Vampires for Windows

SFK The Vampires for Mac SFK The Vampires for Mac SFK The Vampires for Mac SFK The Vampires for Mac

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You guys… I LOVE you guys! All the comments and emails I got about my last post were so sweet, thank you all so much! When I’m really going through something it usually feels like I’m going through it alone… But I’m not alone, because I have all of you! <3