Free mini RPG thingy!

I remade the art for this RPG project I made before ever starting the SFK. It’s a demo for potential RPG development in my future – a tech demo, or proof of concept, since it doesn’t have much actual story or setting, just a basic, working system. Most importantly, you can have it for free! Play with it all you want! ^_^

It’s got monsters, and character classes, and the usual RPG stuff. There are no NPCs and no quests or story (and no porn, I’m sorry!), because… I know how to do that stuff, but it’s time consuming. I was working on this to practice a lot of new software, as I’ll explain after the jump, and I didn’t want to spend too much time on the diversion.  So, I just created enough content to get it up and running. After a little testing by my generous patrons over on Patreon, I fixed it up enough to offer to everybody, for FREE!

It’s a little game, but I think the art looks pretty, and it kinds of proves to me (and maybe to you) that someday I’ll be able to do a Sexual Fantasy Kingdom RPG! Check out some of the images, and grab a copy for yourself! (Since some of you have asked, I included the option to make a donation – and it really does help me out a lot when you guys go above and beyond. In that case, you’ll get the usual download links, but they won’t expire in 30 days per usual.  They’ll always be available, if you save that email).  Otherwise, there’s no transaction, just a ZIP file to download directly! ^_^

Windows, Mac, and Linux versions all in one download:

Get the Battle Test demo and make a donation
Grab the Battle Test demo for free

Corum RPG Map

I can’t believe I painted this map with a mouse! Eventually I’ll do the SFK map in this style!

Some of you already know, I updated my 3D software FINALLY, and my game software development kit, as I mentioned in my last post. I last updated both in summer of 2009, and they’ve both come a long way since then in terms of features and capabilities… but I didn’t want to change, because it was new and different and change is scary.

As I said in my last post, I updated the game software because people on Windows 8 and the latest Mac OS were occasionally having trouble with my old products, and I had to switch to something that would produce software compatible with new operating systems. There’s a new fix for that, by the way, if you’ve had a problem running one of my old products on a newer system – and Vampire Winter and Vampire Halloween were both updated to the new system entirely.

I updated my 3D software because… the tomb robber scene for SFK5 is a pain in the gorgeous ass! The lights weren’t doing what I wanted them to do, and the only way to get a whole new lighting rig was to update the 3D software altogether! And I hated it because I was already doing it out of frustration, and it was all new and unfamiliar and things worked differently and there were new menus, et cetera ad infinitum.

I had a brief scare where I couldn’t even get scenes I created on the old version to open in the new one – and I just finished re-texturing everything in the scene because it made me (and I learned that there are 350 texture images in that scene, curse my attention to detail >_<)! So instead of risking corrupting an old file, or messing up what I was working on, I decided to get in some practice on an unrelated, low-consequence project. SO! I spent the last two weeks or so recreating the artwork for this old RPG thing I had made before ever starting the kind of work I do now.

Practice is over, and I think I was able to get good results with the new software, on both counts. Now I’m getting back to real SFK stuff, and I’m a lot more comfortable with the new software. But someday there will be a SFK:RPG that will probably be quite different from this free download, and have a lot of the existing kinks ironed out, and lots of new kinks put in. ^_~

There’s not much to this game – barely enough to even call it a game, but maybe you’ll have a bit of fun with it like I did! And in creating it I discovered new 3D techniques, and software development techniques, that may open up possibilities for new kinds of projects in the future, and make some of what I do now go faster, and look better than what I’ve done before! ^_^

Original Battle Test

I’ve come a long way since 2007…