Fascinating Update Glomps!

I’m alive! I’m healthy! I’m working! I suffer occasional moods, and artistic blocks, and have no money whatsoever. That’s life, and it’s mostly okay.

[Note: Those of you asking about PayPal, please refer to the first question in the FAQ on my About page. Short answer: no, because they are meanies.]

Gah! You guys, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Galaxy Edition – I wish it was done! It’s taking so much longer than I ever imagined. It’s looking beautiful, and I’m being a perfectionist and not letting go of every single frame until I’m happy with it, so I hope it’ll be worth it in the end. But still, I want to give it to you!

Remember, because of the delays, if you PRE-ORDER SFK1, or PRE-ORDER SFK5, you pay only the discounted pre-order price, and nothing extra when the product is released! If you haven’t Pre-Ordered yet, please do – because I’m making a product that’s possibly better than anything I’ve done so far, because it’s a significant discount off the final price, and because… I’ll be honest, I need the money really badly. (but so does everybody! I know!)

I still don’t have a release date, but I’ve got to really bust my butt to get it to you guys. As I mentioned before, I already committed to a Halloween project (thinking I’d have plenty of time), and now the deadline on that is eerily looming. But… here’s a nice picture:

Angel and Devil

Sometimes I really like taking tense situations and cold characters, and making them all light-hearted.

I haven’t updated in a while for two reasons: 1. last time I said I hoped the next time I would update would be when SFK1 was done, which was a mistake because then I felt obligated to not post until it was done… so, the guilt, all the guilt. And 2. In between the initial preview and the finished product, it’s not like there are a lot of interesting things to show you. Some scenes are done, and some scenes are in various stages of done, but if I showed you more stuff, it would just be a few frames from different scenes like I already showed in the preview. It didn’t feel like it was worth an update, but maybe I was wrong.

But, I have to stop talking about how I’ve failed to live up to the expectations I’ve created, or I’ll be miserable. It’s been a rough day. I just got overdrawn at the bank because I wasn’t paying attention to how broke I am, and now even with my DLSite paycheck I don’t have enough money to pay my rent (just when I said I would never raise money with Pre-Orders again). There’s other more personal stuff too, but I don’t want to talk about it. If I don’t talk about something positive, it’ll never stop being a bad day! So let’s go!

I want to tell you guys where my imagination takes me, when I imagine what my business would be like if anything was possible. When it’s not about money, but just about the artwork that I want to create, there are still so many projects I want to make. I swear, I’ll never run out of ideas. Okay:

  • SFK1 Galaxy Edition, and SFK5, you already know about. Of course I want those to be done as soon as possible. Some time in the future I’ll do a few updates to make “Galaxy Editions” for SFK3 and SFK4, but they probably won’t be big productions, just minor expansions – probably for only a small fee or I’ll give them away as updates to the originals if I can afford to. Speaking of updated versions of things, I want to update The Girl Prince, to contain animated sex instead of still images, the same way Sex Match does.
  • I’ll tell you, for those of you reading this far, the project I’m working on for Halloween (I HOPE!) is GalaxyPink’s DRACULA. I’m really pleased with the initial design and writing I’ve got done for it. There are no futanari, but I hope you guys will love it anyway. It’s really daunting to be creating an adaptation of a piece of classic literature, and you know me, “even if it’s porn” I’m still going to put my heart into it. It’s not “Oh haha, Cockula”, because I don’t approach my work that way. It’ll be a dramatic piece of work.
  • SFK6 – I’ve mentioned it once in a while. Since people have been asking since 2007 what was going to happen with the Princess’ dark elf baby, and other such questions (which makes me really proud by the way, to have inspired such a sense of anticipation with my scenes!) I have a kind of epic story to tell that wraps everything up: the Demonologist’s spell in SFK1, the Princess’ baby from SFK2 & SFK4, and the Knight and the elf Priestess also from those two volumes, Shay’s bad luck seen throughout the series even in SFK5, the Vampires from SFK3, and even The Girl Prince will be involved (we might briefly meet her brother back home, the Boy Princess). And everything will get resolved. It’s a story I can’t wait to tell, and I have to keep waiting! Also, it’ll be a linear series of scenes, instead of scenes that you can choose in whatever order you want – because all the scenes will be telling a continuous story.
  • The SFK Encyclopedia – Yes, I actually want to create more entries for this. I always feel like I shouldn’t be sitting at my computer making 3D art, if it’s not to get one of my over-deadline projects done, and that kind of burns me out and gives me that artistic block I mentioned. So, maybe I’ll sit down and make one of these once in a while, just to do a project that’s totally “just for fun”, and recharge my artistic batteries. I hope that would be okay with you guys.
  • A Sexual Fantasy Kingdom RPG – I’ve mentioned it once in a while, and I don’t know if it’s possible, or how big of a project it could be. I do want to revisit the possibility as I get closer to the end of the series. It’s theoretically possible the story-based SFK6 could be turned into this, if I can figure out how to do it. Then you wouldn’t be playing your own character, you’d be playing one or more of the main characters of the series.
  • The Sexual Fantasy Kingdom Complete Anthology, or whatever it would be called – Curious Factory, the company that distributes my work in Japan through DLsite and other sites in Japan, told me YEARS AGO that they wanted me to create an entire collection, and they would get it released on DVD-ROM on store shelves in Japan. I said, “I will someday, but the story’s not finished.” Heh, artists. So, it’s still something I’d like to do someday, including all volumes, and a complete Encyclopedia.
  • Side projects – like the various vampire projects I work on for VampYou.com, but also some of my own ideas, like the long-forgotten “Futanari GAME Girlfriend” in which a cute girl goes into the game worlds of her hentai games and meets her favorite characters… all sex, obviously. That was one of my first ideas for a product, and I went with Sexual Fantasy Kingdom instead. That’s actually where I got the idea for Sexual Fantasy Kingdom, and even my name GalaxyPINK. In FGG, one of her hentai games is a sci-fi game called “Pink Galaxy” (pink as in sex/sexual organs/porn, anything like that, the color and the English word “Pink” are associated with those ideas in Japan), another is a spy game called “Agent H” (as in “ecchi”, H for “Hentai”), and another is a fantasy game called, you guessed it, “Sexual Fantasy Kingdom”. I thought, “I’ll make the other ones first, and then FGG will bring all three together” – and so… I’m still working on making Sexual Fantasy Kingdom first. ^_^ I’m still kind of interested in Agent H, and Pink Galaxy – which I’ve even written out as a sci-fi equivalent to the map-and-scene presentation of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom. Also, incidentally, “Boy Princess” was my literally 100% very first idea for a hentai project – Lysandra the purple-haired sorceress, Sera the Holy Knight Captain, Athropos the Dark Elf, and Princess Aricia were all originally characters designed for that project. If there were 40 hours in each day, and a hundred weeks in each year, maybe I could do all these projects…
  • Another series. I have a couple of ideas for what to do as a continuing series after SFK is all done. One is Pink Galaxy, like I said. It’s basically SFK IN SPACE, with the same setup of a variety of unrelated scenes, all in sci-fi scenarios. One is to take the SFK series to a different kingdom in the same world – there are others. Istaria is the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies we know and love. Aquataria is the sea kingdom (the Kingdom of Sexual Fluids??) where The Girl Prince, and the Pirate Queen are from. Farther away is Artificia, where they build all sorts of machines – it’s a steampunk kingdom with more technology but very little magic. There’s also a dark kingdom or a Kingdom of Sexual Repression, but… who wants to go there? It would be all secrets and shame and repression and bondage and torture and… actually, hmmm… (OR maybe the SFK RPG would take you to other kingdoms as well).
  • Still another idea, and I’m starting this in a new bullet, because it’s my website, why shouldn’t I. Another idea is something I tentatively call “The Steampunk X-Files”. It’s based on a dream I had, where I was at my friend November’s house and she was telling me about a show she’d been watching – and it sounded exactly like the X-Files, with a crackpot guy and serious-business girl who were investigators into the paranormal. There were clips of it in the dream, and Linda Fiorentino played the lady agent, only she was dressed kind of like Zatanna. It was awesome. Then I left the house and I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see November’s Manx cat… because my dreams are like that. Now I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say, “But Galaxy, ‘Warehouse 13’ is pretty much exactly what you described” – and I know. For the record, that show wasn’t on yet when I had that dream, it was a long time ago. AND, I love Warehouse 13. So? Wouldn’t something very much like that make a great series of paranormal pornographic adventures into the bizarre and sexy? And who doesn’t want to vicariously bone Allison Scagliotti? I think I’ll end on that note. I can’t seem to think of anything else right now.

So… no Pre-Orders, but I’m going to offer you the chance to make a donation, because Artist needs food badly. If you want to support the development of my current and future and much-hoped-for long-term projects, and get me through those periods when I’m actually working on stuff but not having finished stuff to sell, please consider making a small donation. Or a big donation, I won’t complain. Actually I’ll love you forever and ever… but you know I love you guys forever and ever, anyways. ^_^

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