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Free mini RPG thingy!

Free mini RPG thingy! {151}

I remade the art for this RPG project I made before ever starting the SFK. It’s a demo for potential RPG development in my future – a tech demo, or proof of concept, since it doesn’t have much actual story or setting, just a basic, working system. Most importantly, you can have it for free! Play with it all you want! ^_^

It’s got monsters, and character classes, and the usual RPG stuff. There are no NPCs and no quests or story (and no porn, I’m sorry!), because… I know how to do that stuff, but it’s time consuming. I was working on this to practice a lot of new software, as I’ll explain after the jump, and I didn’t want to spend too much time on the diversion.  So, I just created enough content to get it up and running. After a little testing by my generous patrons over on Patreon, I fixed it up enough to offer to everybody, for FREE!

It’s a little game, but I think the art looks pretty, and it kinds of proves to me (and maybe to you) that someday I’ll be able to do a Sexual Fantasy Kingdom RPG! Check out some of the images, and grab a copy for yourself! (Since some of you have asked, I included the option to make a donation – and it really does help me out a lot when you guys go above and beyond. In that case, you’ll get the usual download links, but they won’t expire in 30 days per usual.  They’ll always be available, if you save that email).  Otherwise, there’s no transaction, just a ZIP file to download directly! ^_^

Windows, Mac, and Linux versions all in one download:

Get the Battle Test demo and make a donation
Grab the Battle Test demo for free




Hey you guys! I’ve got great news, I’m really excited about it!

First, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1, vol. 2, and an exclusive bundle of vol. 3 and vol. 4 will be coming out in a few days on Affect3D! Some of my international customers who haven’t been able to purchase from my site might have better luck with their billing options, and I’m hoping to reach some new people who may not have heard of my work before! I did an interview for them too… it came out to be six pages in a .doc file so I’m not sure whether it’ll get cut down, or whether I finally have a chance to bore an all-new audience with my windy rambling! ^_^”’

Second… so, last time I talked about how I’ve lost sales from piracy, and a lot of you responded that you started out by pirating my work, and have ended up becoming paying customers and supportive fans because you like what you’ve seen and you believe in what I do. But the fact remains I don’t always make enough money to even pay my bills, and if I can’t always turn that outpouring of support into paid sales, then what can I do?

So I’ve started a Patreon campaign. For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a service like Kickstarter, for artists and creators to raise money from their fans, but instead of one-time donations of large sums to fund a single project, fans can become a patron by pledging a small amount to be given each month. It’s pretty cool! It has rewards and levels like a Kickstarter, so I can give away free stuff to people who contribute different amounts, up to and including my entire catalog, and even customized scenes.

It takes about a minute to sign up, for whatever amount you choose, and you can cancel or change that amount at any time! Listen to me, I sound like a salesman! ^_^’ I said everything I had to say about it on the Patreon page, so go check it out:

Become my Patron on Patreon
I don’t want it to be about the rewards, because I don’t want to spend all my time creating bonus content and eat into the time I need to create projects. I want you guys to donate what you can, if you can, because even tiny amounts really add up! But I want you to do it because you love what I do, and you want to see more.

That being said, I am trying to offer some cool stuff! For example if you pledge just $2 a month (or more) you’ll get access to exclusive 1080HD wallpaper images, a new one every month… right now there’s just one because I just started! Money-saving coupons? Bonus products? A subscription to not just SFK5 but all my scene-by-scene content for as long as you donate? And more? I always say “and more”, because there’s always more! Go check out the rewards on my Patreon page and see what you think, and please feel free to make suggestions!

And click below to see a cropped preview version of the first bonus wallpaper:

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: The Vampires

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: The Vampires {255}

Here’s the 1st full scene from SFK5, as a bonus you can have for free!

NOTE: If you Pre-Ordered SFK5 and haven’t gotten your coupon code for The Vampires, just email me or click here to contact me directly and I’ll send one right out to you!

This product is one rather long standalone scene.  Other SFK5 scenes will be released as standalone products too, and if you Pre-Ordered SFK5, you can have each one for free, as well as the complete volume when it’s done.  Instead, if you pledge $12/month or more on my Patreon page, you can get each scene as it comes out as a reward, and if you pledge $50/month or more you’ll get the bonus scene and the complete volume when it’s done, as well as many other products as rewards.  Again, if you don’t get your coupon code, just contact me and I’ll send it right away! ^_^

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Vampires is the preview scene for SFK5 that I did on Halloween for  Now I can finally offer it to you here! You can all get it for $2.50, because that’s about the lowest I can go… BUT if you PRE-ORDERED SFK5, you should have gotten an email directly from me to the same email address you used for your purchase. That email contains a code to take that $2.50 off so you can get it for free! Just place your order, and enter the code in the “Discount code” box on the shopping cart screen. (That’s the MAC or PC version, whichever you originally pre-ordered – if you want to change anything you can email me with the Contact Form)

Each code is unique and it can only be used once!  I’ve been sending these emails out by hand, so if you PRE-ORDERED and you haven’t gotten your code yet, just contact me (you can also email me at

Whenever you’re ready, choose one of the options below to buy this product – Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Vampires is a single scene from the upcoming SFK5, and it features full sound, music and voice, 5 animations, and over 130 CG images where you can see how the sexy vampires of the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies became vampires in the first place! It’s a big scene, and I’m really proud of how it came out!

And… please consider making a donation now, because it really helps me out!  You know 230% more of you have PRE-ORDERED SFK5 with an additional donation, it’s more than I could have imagined! It feels so good to know how many of you really care about supporting my art! Note: your discount code will still take the $2.50 off, regardless, but you can still make a donation on top of that.

SFK The Vampires for Windows SFK The Vampires for Windows SFK The Vampires for Windows SFK The Vampires for Windows

SFK The Vampires for Mac SFK The Vampires for Mac SFK The Vampires for Mac SFK The Vampires for Mac

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


You guys… I LOVE you guys! All the comments and emails I got about my last post were so sweet, thank you all so much! When I’m really going through something it usually feels like I’m going through it alone… But I’m not alone, because I have all of you! <3

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! {13}

Happy New Year you guys!

Just a quick update, all the news I said last time is still news! Thanks for the birthday wishes, I hope you guys had great holidays, and a fun time for New Year’s Eve!

Here’s last year’s Christmas angel, in another HD wallpaper for you guys (click on it to download it). Remember you can see these two beautiful angels together in Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 3: Black Magic:

Happy Birthday/Hobbit-day to GalaxyPink!

Happy Birthday/Hobbit-day to GalaxyPink! {32}

It’s my birthday! (Click here to give me a wonderful gift!) And I’m taking a weekend off to go out and see The Hobbit, and to have lots of fun! In honor of Hobbits, I turned a shot from SFK5 into a wallpaper – featuring the Halfling “Bandit Princess” Marigold, and everyone’s favorite hapless adventuress, Shay Odanna.

Click here or on the image below to download the full-size widescreen HD wallpaper. Which brings me to an important question… do you guys think SFK5 should be widescreen?

SFK1: Galaxy Edition won’t be, it’s coming out in 1024×768 (either this month or next month, with a bonus scene!) and all the other products in the series will eventually match that… so I don’t know if I want to make SFK5 not match the others (OCD >_<)… then again, it could look really cool!

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: Sexual History PREVIEW

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: Sexual History PREVIEW {72}

First, SFK5 is not done yet!  But I wanted to give you guys a sneak preview of some of the cast of characters! For um… Valentine’s Day I guess!

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5: Sexual History is all backstory – scenes from the histories of various characters explaining some of how they got where they are.  You’ll see dark elves in battle with the Holy Knights, the vampire girls before they were vampires, the sorceresses at magic school, the Magistrate back when she was a lowly court assistant (and her sexual awakening at the hands of the Pirate Queen), the ghost of Rosine Orem before she was a ghost, and more!  Most of the scenes are connected with events and characters in Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 3: Black Magic so if you haven’t checked that one out yet, please do!

But I’m not going to explain everything now!  You’ll have to wait and see, and I hope you’ll enjoy the stories, the battles, and the orgies!  For now, please enjoy these preview images!

Preview Gallery:


SFK Encyclopedia: Athropos Athras

SFK Encyclopedia: Athropos Athras {498}

Name: Athropos Athras
Race: Dark Elf

Athropos Athras is a nefarious Dark Elf spy, hunted by the kingdom of Istaria for impregnating Princess Aricia. Like all Dark Elf spies, Athropos is under a blood oath to serve as a spy and assassin, and commits to her missions with deadly determination. More

SFK Encyclopedia: Shay Odanna

SFK Encyclopedia: Shay Odanna {15}

Name: Shay Odanna
Race: Human

Shay Odanna is an impetuous novice adventuress with big dreams, and notorious bad luck. She sets out on every quest she can find, regardless of whether she is prepared, and quickly ventures into areas far too dangerous for someone so inexperienced…

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