The Encyclopedia of the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies

SFK Encyclopedia: Athropos Athras

SFK Encyclopedia: Athropos Athras {498}

Name: Athropos Athras
Race: Dark Elf

Athropos Athras is a nefarious Dark Elf spy, hunted by the kingdom of Istaria for impregnating Princess Aricia. Like all Dark Elf spies, Athropos is under a blood oath to serve as a spy and assassin, and commits to her missions with deadly determination. More

SFK Encyclopedia: Shay Odanna

SFK Encyclopedia: Shay Odanna {15}

Name: Shay Odanna
Race: Human

Shay Odanna is an impetuous novice adventuress with big dreams, and notorious bad luck. She sets out on every quest she can find, regardless of whether she is prepared, and quickly ventures into areas far too dangerous for someone so inexperienced…

SFK Encyclopedia: Lysandra Merlane

SFK Encyclopedia: Lysandra Merlane {12}

Name: Lysandra Merlane
Race: Human

Lysandra Merlane is a sorceress of considerable power, specializing in commanding and creating golems.  Like all sorceresses in Istaria, she primarily relies on sexual energy for her magical power. More