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U.K. Face-sitting Protest

U.K. Face-sitting Protest {18}

First, it’s my birthday! I’m quite happy about it too! I did my hair, with dark purple bangs, I bought new eye-shadow, and I drank a bottle of cheap champagne, yada yada yada. No time for that now! There’s face-sitting afoot! I’ll admit it… I paid attention to this story because of the face-sitting. But this is actually an important news story for the porn industry in the U.K. with effects that could ripple way out across the pond.

A U.K. regulatory agency has banned certain sexual acts from being performed in online pornography produced and hosted within the U.K.  This is to coincide with a pre-existing ban on these acts in video/DVD porn for sale in shops (I believe the relevant law is the Obscene Publications Act). Online porn produced elsewhere can still be viewed and purchased there currently. There are a number of problems with this policy change, beyond the damage to the livelihoods of online porn creators and performers based in the U.K.

For example, there’s no ban on showing male ejaculation, but female ejaculation is forbidden – quite simply, that’s kinda sexist, and kinda arbitrary, and I know several women who would therefore have very brief and/or unsatisfying careers in British porn. Many BDSM activities are banned for being “life-endangering”… ignoring the fact that most kinksters take safety and communication more seriously than most vanilla folks do, as well as the fact that these acts are consensual.

Face-sitting is specifically on the list of prohibited, life-endangering activities… and has subsequently been wonderfully prominent in the protests outside Parliament on Friday. When I saw the headline image from this article on, of extremely classy and stylish British dominatrix Mistress Absolute in situ, I had to do my best to pay homage – a tribute in solidarity with my U.K. porn allies, in defense of free expression and femdom!


Of course one must be careful not to spill a drop!


A New Hope

A New Hope {66}

Hey everybody! I’m back! Actually, I’ve been officially back to work for over a month, but I didn’t really have anything to say so I felt awkward saying anything, and then so much time had gone by that it would take something really important to break the ice… you know how that is? I had some stuff to get through **, and a lot of you were really there for me, and really supportive, and I can’t even explain how much I appreciate it, and how much it helped me.

And now I’ve gotten through it, and now I finally feel back to my usual cheerful self! I’ve really missed working, and I’ve missed you guys too!

I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about something for a while now. Everyone I’ve talked to about this idea has said, “It’s a nice thought but that sounds like a terrible idea” but maybe you can help me figure out how to do this:

If someone pre-ordered SFK5 a while ago, and has gotten tired of waiting for everything beyond the Vampire Scene to come out, I think they should be able to get a refund, and just opt out of receiving any more SFK5 scenes.

It sounds fair, to me. Developing SFK5 has taken way longer than I ever anticipated, and I know some people are tired of waiting, which is totally understandable. If they want to contact me and request a refund on SFK5, I should give it to them… somehow.

There are only two problems. The first is that my billing company can’t handle refunds on products from so long ago, so… basically for each person who requests a refund, I’d have to write them a money order and mail it to them or give them a store credit voucher immediately, instead – MUCH EASIER! The second problem is that I only have so much money saved, so if tons of people requested refunds, I’d have to delay paying some of them for a month or two.

Even so… it sounds manageable, and more importantly, it sounds like the right thing to do. What do you guys think?


Latest News!

Latest News!

First, Patreon is going really well! Wow, you guys!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me so far, I hope you’re enjoying the bonus content! Maybe this is my “issues” but I’m always surprised to learn that people like me, and so many of you have been so supportive, not just on Patreon but in general, it makes me really happy! …I just made myself cry a little! >_<
News #2: Sexual Fantasy Kingdom volumes 1-4 are now available at the Affect3D Store! There’s also an interview if you want to hear me go on for six pages about my work and stuff. ^_^” They want to grab another couple of products of mine in the next few months, and that might be The Girl Prince, and Pirate Amnesty.  Sometime in between now and then, I’m going to spend a few days bringing Pirate Amnesty up to 1024×768 graphics, and adding an extra gallery of poses – that’ll be available here too, probably as a free patch update if you’ve got the original.  No, it won’t be a Galaxy Edition with me and the Pirate Queen although that would be awesome… and now that I’ve said it… well I’ll think about it, but then I might release it as a paid expansion pack (for like $2.50 or something).

News #3: Pre-Orders for SFK5 closed on July 15th, 2014 – after that the only way to get each standalone scene or the full volume is to buy them as they come out, or be a Patron on Patreon and get them as bonus content – if you’re already inclined to support my future work, go check out the page and see what you think!

News #4: Please go check out my deviantART profile, where you can see lots of art (and commentary) and vote for your favorite Sexual Fantasy Kingdom character! I put up a poll and I want lots of people to check it out! You might need a free membership to vote, but the membership also allows you to view nudity and stuff, and of course to post your own art if you’re an artist, so it’s definitely worth taking a minute to sign up!

More news after the jump:



Hey you guys! I’ve got great news, I’m really excited about it!

First, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1, vol. 2, and an exclusive bundle of vol. 3 and vol. 4 will be coming out in a few days on Affect3D! Some of my international customers who haven’t been able to purchase from my site might have better luck with their billing options, and I’m hoping to reach some new people who may not have heard of my work before! I did an interview for them too… it came out to be six pages in a .doc file so I’m not sure whether it’ll get cut down, or whether I finally have a chance to bore an all-new audience with my windy rambling! ^_^”’

Second… so, last time I talked about how I’ve lost sales from piracy, and a lot of you responded that you started out by pirating my work, and have ended up becoming paying customers and supportive fans because you like what you’ve seen and you believe in what I do. But the fact remains I don’t always make enough money to even pay my bills, and if I can’t always turn that outpouring of support into paid sales, then what can I do?

So I’ve started a Patreon campaign. For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a service like Kickstarter, for artists and creators to raise money from their fans, but instead of one-time donations of large sums to fund a single project, fans can become a patron by pledging a small amount to be given each month. It’s pretty cool! It has rewards and levels like a Kickstarter, so I can give away free stuff to people who contribute different amounts, up to and including my entire catalog, and even customized scenes.

It takes about a minute to sign up, for whatever amount you choose, and you can cancel or change that amount at any time! Listen to me, I sound like a salesman! ^_^’ I said everything I had to say about it on the Patreon page, so go check it out:

Become my Patron on Patreon
I don’t want it to be about the rewards, because I don’t want to spend all my time creating bonus content and eat into the time I need to create projects. I want you guys to donate what you can, if you can, because even tiny amounts really add up! But I want you to do it because you love what I do, and you want to see more.

That being said, I am trying to offer some cool stuff! For example if you pledge just $2 a month (or more) you’ll get access to exclusive 1080HD wallpaper images, a new one every month… right now there’s just one because I just started! Money-saving coupons? Bonus products? A subscription to not just SFK5 but all my scene-by-scene content for as long as you donate? And more? I always say “and more”, because there’s always more! Go check out the rewards on my Patreon page and see what you think, and please feel free to make suggestions!

And click below to see a cropped preview version of the first bonus wallpaper:

SFK5 and other news

SFK5 and other news {96}

Hi guys!

So, internet piracy sucks. My sales drop off dramatically once my work starts getting pirated (no matter what pirates claim about how they wouldn’t buy it anyway, or it’s a “try before you buy” philosophy… which is mostly just rationalizations to make themselves feel better about why it’s perfectly acceptable to do something they know is wrong and illegal). If you guys didn’t know, I make about a minimum wage income, ‘Clockwork Companion’ the bonus scene to SFK1:Galaxy Edition, was a labor of love like all my products are, and it took me a solid month of 12-15 hour work days (I tend to work in insane bursts like that) – and I’m selling it as a standalone, for only $3.50. I put my heart and soul into everything I create, and lots of people think it’s worth exactly zero dollars.

What’s worse, is that some people buy it from me, and then share it with hundreds of other people for free. I understand wanting instant gratification, and I understand wanting to win the favor of other people by giving them something. But you know me. I’m not a faceless corporation, I think that’s pretty obvious from my site. I’m just one person, I love my work, and I love my fans, and I depend on this job because it’s my only job and I can usually barely pay my rent.

I had a pirate once tell me I should get a job, to support myself, since my work is so extensively pirated. Do you know how insulting that was? >_<

Oh well. If you talk to pirates, you get a faceful of a bag of dicks. You get hate, and entitlement, and selfishness, and it hurts my feelings too much to really do it anymore. Like I said recently, motivating myself is my job, and hearing how little my work is worth to certain people spat directly in my face just doesn’t do me any good.

If you see my work pirated on a file-sharing site (not a torrent), let me know, so I can get it taken down. But I try to avoid the whole thing because it’s just too disheartening.

Let’s move on to the news about Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 5!

I’m going to release SFK5 in increments, like the SFK5:The Vampires. You guys have waited too long, and so I’m going to release it scene-by-scene as I get it done.

Anyone who Pre-Ordered SFK5 will get each scene for free as it becomes available, like a subscription, and then the full version when it’s done.  Anyone who Pre-Ordered with a donation will get an extra bonus scene.

Each scene will be available for separate purchase too!

I’ve decided to create the Shay vs. the Bandits scene as the first new SFK5 scene, and I redesigned the bandits to be all girls, because… that’s clearly better, in my opinion! One of them is a half-dark-elf! Click below for some images:


Store News

Store News {11}

Hey you guys! I’ve been thinking for a while about making my site into a little bit more of a storefront. I think the available products have been a little eclipsed by my blog posts for a while, so I changed the slider at the top to show off a selection of my products. Recent blog posts will still be lined up below as always!

Also note: my billing company BMT Micro issued a statement that their system doesn’t use the heartbeat function of OpenSSL so their servers and records are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack – your payments are secure!

Be sure to scroll down to check out the full version now available, of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. 1: Galaxy Edition if you haven’t yet!


About the SFK1 Galaxy Edition bonus scene

About the SFK1 Galaxy Edition bonus scene {66}

Progress Report (UPDATED Monday, April 7th): IT’S ALL DONE!!  All artwork is DONE! (this scene has about 180 still images in addition to its 8 animations – to put that in perspective, all the rest of SFK1 has about 140 still images, total) Coding is DONE, sound, music and voice are DONE, and I just got it online!

I love how the bonus scene has turned out, and I know you want to see. Before I even get into this, I’m just going to show you the images. Here’s a sample of some of the stuff that happens in the scene:

UPDATE: The final version is now available for Windows PC and MAC – including the Clockwork Companion bonus scene!

If you already own the BETA version for Windows, you can download the update utility for FREE, to add the Clockwork Companion bonus scene to your version.

(if you have a problem with the patcher, it’s a known issue, with a working fix until I can replace the patcher – check my first comment on the SFK1 page for instructions)
FREE update utility

Or you can get the full version of SFK1 Galaxy Edition now!

SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows

SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC

MAC users who PRE-ORDERED SFK1, give me a couple of days and I’ll send you a coupon code to grab this version for free. The Pre-Order links (if you find any I haven’t caught yet) now lead directly to the full version purchase, for the full price.

I got a few questions about the bonus scene, so I wanted to give you guys a more thorough overview of it. Since it’s the “Galaxy Edition” of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom 1, it has a bonus scene featuring me, Galaxy Pink! I did that for the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom 2 Galaxy Edition, and it was a big hit.

It’s an Update!

It’s an Update! {35}

Hi guys! Sorry I disappeared after New Year’s! I had life stuff happen and then I felt really awful that I didn’t get SFK1 done and it made me want to go hide in a corner…


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