Back in the Saddle Again!

That image is from my latest project, Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: The Girl Prince, so click here to order now if you like this sort of thing.

I’m also still accepting PRE-ORDERS for Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol 5: Sexual History, the backstory for my previous work, you can click here to Pre-Order and get access to bonus content!

AND… I’ll always accept Donations, so if you’d like to make a Donation to support my work, you can click here!

Now for the NEWS:

I’ve finally got my new computer up and running! It was an ordeal, but it’s beautiful, all the more so because you guys bought it for me with your support and enthusiasm for my work! (and because the HTPC 8000 computer case is so cuuuute!) The HMS GalaxyPink is still on its shakedown cruise, and I’m still installing programs and encountering bugs (and getting used to Windows 7 after years on XP), but what better way to test everything than to get back to work?

I won’t be out of touch, but I will be very busy keeping all the promises I’ve been making. This kind of work still takes time, but now it’s under way! The next few months will be amazing (and will be the first time since 2008 that no one’s had to wait almost a year for my next product)! ^_^

And it’s all thanks to everyone who has donated, purchased my products, pre-ordered, and shown tons of love and support to get me through a difficult time! I love you guys, THIS MUCH:

Prince Meris is Fucked

GalaxyPink is no longer fucked! Prince Meris on the other hand…