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I'm a 3D animator specializing in hardcore erotic artwork, and fetish hentai. My commercial work, and freebies are available through my website, galaxypink.com - for ADULTS ONLY!

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GalaxyPink’s Private Collection

GalaxyPink’s Private Collection

Hi you guys!

Some of you were wondering what I’ve been doing since my last official release, so I compiled a special collection of all the artwork I’ve posted over on Patreon, and it comes out today, both here and over on Affect3D!

I’m really excited to share this with you guys, since it’s such a huge collection of really high quality art I’ve been really proud of, and most of it has only been available to my supporters on Patreon! Check out the promos!

Galaxy Pink's Private Collection

Available now, here at GalaxyPink.com, and at Affect3D.com!

Download Here:

Get GalaxyPink's Private Collection
Get GalaxyPink's Private Collection and make a donation
Get GalaxyPink's Private Collection from Affect3D


GalaxyPink’s Private Collection is a look behind the paywall on Patreon, where I’ve created new content every month!

What’s Included:

  • 100+ HD images in jpg format – wallpapers and others, sorted by genre (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.)
  • 3 Hardcore Mini-Scenes – each with 8-10 high-res images in jpg format:
  • –>Mouse’s Room – A modern mouse-girl takes an uptown lady to her bed.
  • –>Sci-Fi Girls – Two girls in a future-city apartment share a sexy afternoon.
  • –>Winter Elves – Two futanari elves warm each other up in the Winter Kingdom.
  • GalaxyPink’s Patreon Notebook – a 100-page PDF cataloging the images along with description, discussion, commentary, and essays (mostly) about the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom.


I hope you really like it! ^_^

This was a triumph

This was a triumph

Hey you guys! The first piece of news is that I’m still alive! I think that’s pretty important! Thank you so much, to all of you who offered kind words, support, and encouragement <3! I was going to post something along those lines for Thanksgiving, but I got a little sick and fell a little behind. Not from a disease, just more of a turkey hangover than usual.

In general, I’ve been feeling quite a bit better, and I’ve been managing my medical situation pretty well to the point that the only problem left is being a little more tired than usual and having to take a few pills. So, not bad! The road to recovery is probably going to be long (assuming I can eventually be back to “normal”), but I’m doing okay. I think I’ll just leave it at that. I don’t really want to keep talking about my health. I’ll keep you posted if there are any major updates on that.

Most importantly, I’ve got my optimism for the future back! I really missed that! Or maybe most importantly, I’ve gotten my artistic passion back. There’s no better life coach than the Grim Reaper I guess. ^_^”

I’ve been working on the Pirate Queen vs. the Magistrate scene for SFK5, and it’s looking beautiful! Like, seriously beautiful! I redesigned the characters a bit, and it has helped a lot – including twelve background characters. It’s not done yet, but I’m hoping to get it done in the next couple of weeks (I hope I won’t get too badly slowed down by my birthday on the 14th, and a little trip for Christmas). What I’ve got so far is cute, funny, and exciting. I hope the rest of the scene will be super sexy!

That’s really all I wanted to say at the moment, so I’ll keep this post short. Check out the lovely wallpaper image I made from the scene!

Remember Me?

Remember Me?

Hey you guys!

Some of you have been worried about me lately, so I figured it was about time! >_< I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything . I’ve had other posts on Patreon in the past while, but that’s mostly been small talk… There’s also some big talk I need to cover.

Latest news from the Dark Angel’s oasis

Latest news from the Dark Angel’s oasis

Hey you guys!

So, as some of you know my website was down (and messed up) for about a week this past month. Everything’s been back up and running for a while and it was much worse than it looked, so I’m sorry if anyone was worried!

My web host upgraded my WordPress software, but because the site originally had an age verification front page, my WordPress install wasn’t quite standard. That messed up every link on the site (I had to go through all my posts and correct all the links), so that was a little bit of a pain. Also, I was using a CDN, but I forgot to update the CDN information to the new information from my host, so the site was just down entirely until I corrected the DNS information and then that took a little while to propagate. For some reason it was slow to propagate in France, and in the southern United States, but now it should fine everywhere.

The good news about all that though, is that the site is now hosted on a faster server, with some optimization for WordPress, and so everything should be running a little faster and smoother than it has in the past. Since I had to go in and edit everything anyway, I also tweaked a few things that should help also – like you might notice that all direct file download links, like for the RPG thingy are going over to my other site cherrycherrypeach.com (where I was originally selling SEX MATCH). That’s because now that galaxypink.com is on a different server, they don’t share bandwidth, so I can host large downloads there, and not cut into the speed of the main site.

I was going to say something about it when it all happened, but once it was fixed I was kind of sick of dealing with it, so then I just got busy with work. The treasure hunter scene is not quite done yet, but I’m hoping to wrap that up this month. It has six characters, and while that’s pretty epic, it’s also kind of challenging! It’s making me a little worried about the dark elf scene though, because that’s going to have about a dozen characters! It’ll be quite an achievement though, once it’s done!


Free mini RPG thingy!

Free mini RPG thingy!

I remade the art for this RPG project I made before ever starting the SFK. It’s a demo for potential RPG development in my future – a tech demo, or proof of concept, since it doesn’t have much actual story or setting, just a basic, working system. Most importantly, you can have it for free! Play with it all you want! ^_^

It’s got monsters, and character classes, and the usual RPG stuff. There are no NPCs and no quests or story (and no porn, I’m sorry!), because… I know how to do that stuff, but it’s time consuming. I was working on this to practice a lot of new software, as I’ll explain after the jump, and I didn’t want to spend too much time on the diversion.  So, I just created enough content to get it up and running. After a little testing by my generous patrons over on Patreon, I fixed it up enough to offer to everybody, for FREE!

It’s a little game, but I think the art looks pretty, and it kinds of proves to me (and maybe to you) that someday I’ll be able to do a Sexual Fantasy Kingdom RPG! Check out some of the images, and grab a copy for yourself! (Since some of you have asked, I included the option to make a donation – and it really does help me out a lot when you guys go above and beyond. In that case, you’ll get the usual download links, but they won’t expire in 30 days per usual.  They’ll always be available, if you save that email).  Otherwise, there’s no transaction, just a ZIP file to download directly! ^_^

Windows, Mac, and Linux versions all in one download:

Get the Battle Test demo and make a donation
Grab the Battle Test demo for free


Upgrade to SFK: Vampire Winter & News

Upgrade to SFK: Vampire Winter & News

Vampire Winter and Vampire Halloween are going to be coming out on Affect3D.com March 4th, separately, and together as a bundle! So in anticipation of the release, I did some tinkering on both products and upgraded the code at bit.

Both should be more robust, more compatible with newer operating systems, and most importantly, FULLSCREEN mode actually works! So whatever size or shape of monitor you have, the image should scale correctly, without distortion.

I haven’t made a patch yet, but your download links are good for 30 days, so if you got Vampire Winter lately, go back to your purchase email from BMT Micro and re-download it to get the updated file. Anyone who purchases it from now on, or on Affect3D will get the newer version. If you haven’t had trouble with it and your screen is already 16:9 widescreen, the upgrade won’t really do much for you, so in that case you don’t really need it.

Reminder: If you pre-ordered SFK5, just email me (galaxy at galaxypink.com) and request a discount code to get Vampire Winter as a free bonus product! I’ll be sending those codes out manually in the next week or two, but if you email me I’ll get you one right away. ^_^

As for Vampire Halloween, anyone who purchases it from now on will get the upgraded version. For the old version, I’ll try and put together a free downloadable patch in the next couple of weeks, but I’ve got a lot on my plate right now! I don’t think it’s possible to mass refresh/resend everyone’s download links for it. I think someone over at my billing company would have to do it manually… OH!  Here’s how I can do it for the time being: If you’ve got Vampire Halloween already, send me an email, and I’ll give you a coupon code to just “buy” it again for free, that way you’ll get a fresh download link for the new version – if anyone’s clamoring for it before I get a chance to make a patch.

Speaking of things on my plate, you’ve been probably wondering what that glorious rump is all about! That leads us to an overwhelming question…

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: Vampire Winter

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: Vampire Winter

Aisling the peasant girl gets her own vampire experience in this CG collection, with vampire Shay from Vampire Halloween!

It’s the worst blizzard in the history of the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies! Aisling had planned on keeping warm in her cozy cottage, but vampire Shay is out braving the cold… looking for a warm-blooded victim. Combining features from Vampire Halloween and The Girl Prince, SFK: Vampire Winter features multiple camera angles, so you can get a complete perspective on the scene, clothing variations for Shay (since Aisling’s dress gets misplaced fast), and of course futanari mode, that turns both girls into futanari (dickgirls).

There’s a gallery interface where you can choose any image you want to view, you can also save any image to your computer, and every image is a high quality, low-compression 1280×720 HD image – for the first time, the whole project is in widescreen!

This CG collection is another collaboration with VampYou.com, so of course there’s sexy vampire peril! It’ll be available on VampYou.com for free to their paid members. It’ll also be released later on Affect3D, or you can pick it up here right now!

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom: Vampire Winter – CG collection with 28 base images in 1280×720 HD resolution, with Clothing and Camera Angle variations, and Futanari mode, for a total of over 400 CG images!


Purchase SFK:Vampire Winter
Purchase SFK:Vampire Winter and Donate


Purchase SFK:Vampire Winter for Mac
Purchase SFK:Vampire Winter for Mac and Donate


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

I was hoping to get this VampYou project done in time for Valentine’s day, but it’s only about 95% ready, and I’m being forced FORCED to take Valentine’s day weekend off. It should be done on the 17th instead, which happens to be Mardi Gras! I hope none of you guys are giving up porn for Lent, or you’ll miss out.

I’ve had a lot of fun creating the art for this one. There are even some special effects! I think the finale of the scene will be pretty surprising. ^_^ And my characters look so professional in widescreen format! I’ll probably be using widescreen for all future work after SFK5 is done. It’s also the first time I’ve used a winter setting. It won’t be the last, although I’m generally going to stick with summer, because… people get naked a lot in my work.

Shay Vampire

Still a better love story than Twilight.

If anyone has pre-ordered SFK5, and wants to grab this product for free as a little bonus, just send me your email address (the one you used to make the SFK5 purchase), and I’ll send you a coupon code. You can email me: galaxy at galaxypink.com or use the Contact page, but the Contact form has been acting a little weird lately, so email is a safer bet. I’ll end up sending out those coupons en masse, even if you don’t contact me, but it’ll probably be later in the week.

I’ll also be giving it away on Patreon, and anyone else will be able to get it on VampYou.com or buy it from me normally, and it should be coming out on Affect3D later this month. I’m not sure about the price yet, but about the same as Vampire Halloween, which I’m also hoping to release on Affect3D this month.

Anyway, it’s just about done, it’s looking great, and you’ll see it in a couple of days. I can’t wait to show you guys!


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