About the SFK1 Galaxy Edition bonus scene

Progress Report (UPDATED Monday, April 7th): IT’S ALL DONE!!  All artwork is DONE! (this scene has about 180 still images in addition to its 8 animations – to put that in perspective, all the rest of SFK1 has about 140 still images, total) Coding is DONE, sound, music and voice are DONE, and I just got it online!

I love how the bonus scene has turned out, and I know you want to see. Before I even get into this, I’m just going to show you the images. Here’s a sample of some of the stuff that happens in the scene:

UPDATE: The final version is now available for Windows PC and MAC – including the Clockwork Companion bonus scene!

If you already own the BETA version for Windows, you can download the update utility for FREE, to add the Clockwork Companion bonus scene to your version.

(if you have a problem with the patcher, it’s a known issue, with a working fix until I can replace the patcher – check my first comment on the SFK1 page for instructions)
FREE update utility

Or you can get the full version of SFK1 Galaxy Edition now!

SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows
SFK 1 for Windows

SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC
SFK 1 for MAC

MAC users who PRE-ORDERED SFK1, give me a couple of days and I’ll send you a coupon code to grab this version for free. The Pre-Order links (if you find any I haven’t caught yet) now lead directly to the full version purchase, for the full price.

I got a few questions about the bonus scene, so I wanted to give you guys a more thorough overview of it. Since it’s the “Galaxy Edition” of Sexual Fantasy Kingdom 1, it has a bonus scene featuring me, Galaxy Pink! I did that for the Sexual Fantasy Kingdom 2 Galaxy Edition, and it was a big hit.

This time, I start the scene at my desk, talking to my friend November online. You may have seen her posting on here, and in some of my side project artwork (I do a piece of art for her every year, for her birthday, because I’m an awesome friend). Then, I fall asleep, and have a dream sequence where I’m stowing away aboard a ship. I get discovered and run and hide in a stateroom where there is a “Clockwork Companion”, a luxury doll/automaton, played in the dream sequence by Novie. Then… realizing that I have a sexy doll to play with, I do exactly that! Who could resist?

Little do I know, she also comes with attachments – but I discover soon enough. And her attachment works just like the real thing! Except it’s purple, which is kind of better because purple is my favorite color. The “Clockwork Companion” goes a little haywire, and gets way too aggressive, but then I get my revenge!

This scene has eight animations, which is more than I’ve ever put into a single scene! It’s about twice the length of one of my normal scenes. BETA users can download a patch utility to turn their version into the full version and add the bonus scene. The full version will already contain the scene, obviously.

Because it’s such a big scene, because it’s surprisingly embarrassing this time around, because Novie is one of my closest friends and I want everything to be perfect for her, and for other reasons I’ve discussed before, it has taken a long time to finish. I set myself some very aggressive deadlines to get it done in March, and… I almost made it!  The first few days of April instead, is not bad! I don’t know how, but I’ve done more work in the past four weeks than in the last five months put together. I’ve been working like a dynamo! I I broke every task into small individual deadlines, and I did pretty well at staying on schedule. I got slowed down by one of the long “story” sequences as I suspected, but the important thing is that it’s done!

I’m so excited! Also I’m so embarrassed! Stop looking at my butt! >_<

Here, let’s all look at Novie’s butt instead:


It’s important to give your Clockwork Companion a thorough examination.

AND because I still love you guys, here’s an example of one of the finished animations! Just one of the three camera angles. This one’s my favorite animation in the scene. It was very distracting to work on it!

Galaxy and November

Does anyone know the name of this sexual position? If it doesn’t have one, I name it ‘Inquisitor Position’, like Missionary Position but with restraint and domination.