This is the home of GalaxyPink, artist and creator of original animated 3D hentai software for Windows & Mac. My works feature animated scenes and CGs, futanari (dickgirls), catgirls, elves, breast sex, a wide variety of sexual positions, sexy sound effects and voice, and high quality 3D animation.


Can I pay with PayPal? Sorry, but PayPal doesn’t officially do billing for adult websites (even if some webmasters get away with it). I tried just having a Donation button on my site for a while in the past, and they permanently banned me from ever using PayPal again, even my own personal non-business account. Believe me, it’s been way more of a pain in the ass for me than it is for you. >_< My billing company may show that they accept PayPal (and they do normally), but they can’t process orders from my site through PayPal either. If you need other payment options than what I offer here, you can try looking up my work on DLsite, or Affect3D.com.

How will this appear on my credit card? Any products purchased from my site will be billed under “XXX PORN CARTOON GIRLS WITH BIG DICKS OMG I LOVE DICKS!, Inc.”… just kidding!  It’ll be billed as a payment to BMT Micro, Inc. who does billing for a huge variety of websites and products.  Also, because they’re based in North Carolina, North Carolina residents will have to pay appropriate sales tax.

Can you answer my other billing question? Not usually! I don’t have much direct control over billing, but feel free to contact the friendly folks at my billing company BMT Micro at cservice@bmtmicro.com , for any other questions you have!

Why does everyone have a dick? Most of my work features futanari characters (though there are regular female and a handful of male characters as well). “Futanari” is Japanese for “dual form” or “hermaphrodite”. This type of character is common in Japanese hentai artwork, allowing the display of penetrative sex, without having to show male characters – it’s similar in popularity to lesbian porn in the West. Personally, I just think girls look really cute with cocks!

Does this make me gay? I don’t care. But there’s a lot more that makes someone a guy or a girl than just what’s between their legs! …and I tend to think gay guys are attracted to guys with dicks, not girls with dicks, amirite?

When is your next project coming out? I never know for sure, so I never announce release dates officially, until something is definitely ready for release.  This is something I’m always trying to get better at.  Sometimes no matter how hard I work, I don’t quite meet the timeline I hope for.  Sometimes I get burned out between projects and need to take time off.  Sometimes I get sidetracked putting time into future projects, or side projects, gift art for friends, or just lots of “real life” stuff.  Rest assured… I’ll make something, sooner or later, and when I do, I’ll put my whole heart and soul into making it the best work I can do!

How do you create art? Art comes from the heart – even if it’s porn!  I love bringing characters to life with body language and facial expressions that show their personality.

Technically, I use high resolution morphable 3D models for characters, clothing, props, and set pieces, many of which come from DAZ3D artists, or Renderosity artists, and customize them for my needs.  I’m not a 3D modeler, I’m a scene designer and 3D animator.  I arrange, pose, and place objects, characters, lighting, and cameras into sexy 3D scenes (some still, and some animated) – for this I use DAZ|Studio.  I render out images and do postwork manipulation in Photoshop (currently using version CS6 – I also use Photoshop to edit texture images as needed), and then compile the results, along with sound effects, voice, and music, into software using the free visual novel engine Ren’Py.  All of those programs have tutorials and documentation that will be way more useful than any specific instruction I could give.

Free Stuff for Beginners! – For anyone just starting out and not wanting to make a big investment to learn, I recommend the free version of DAZ|Studio, and free and inexpensive 3D models and content they have available on their site.  Instead of Photoshop, you could use the free image editing software GIMP.  And the Ren’Py visual novel engine is always free as well.

GalaxyPink.com, the Website

What? I have a blog?!  I want to keep this site regularly updated with new material, give away freebies, and keep fans of my work informed about future developments… and sometimes maybe I’ll just spout off about something.  I’ll do my best!


  • Shop: Look at a list of available products, including descriptions, preview images, requirements and specifications, and demo versions.  All products sold directly through my site are uncensored!
  • Freebies: Some sets of free, never-before-seen images, or special offers for products.
  • Encyclopedia: The Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies has a large collection of characters, locations, and backstory material that I can’t wait to share!  Encyclopedia entries feature detailed descriptions of individual characters or topics, with free bonus images not available in the original releases.
  • Connecting: to contact me for any reason, please use the Contact Form.  If you need technical support, start with the Support page.  If you’d like to see more free examples of my work, please check out my deviantArt gallery (requires a free membership to view mature content), and if you’d like to get updates about my work, please subscribe to the RSS feed.

Galaxy Pink, the Artist

Hi! My name is Jessica, it’s nice to meet you! Most people call me Galaxy. I’ve been a 3D hentai animator since the summer of 2007. My goal in life is to bring people pleasure and happiness! I love making people feel good, making people laugh, and flirting. Some people think I’m a bit of a player, but I’d say I’m just playful and I really have fun interacting with people!

Facts: My birthday is December 14th. GalaxyPink was officially founded on September 27th, 2007, yay for two birthdays! I love creating art, and I have the best job, and the best fans in the world! My favorite character is the Magistrate, but there are a few others I love. I enjoy video games about killing zombies, or about adventuring in fantasy worlds… or both! I love gourmet cooking, and fine dining, but my favorite food is pizza. I’ve played guitar since I was a kid (my most complicated piece is Beethoven’s Für Elise – Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor, not too hard on the piano, but pretty challenging on the guitar). My favorite color is purple, I am seriously all about purple. I actually look like my 3D character. I’m surprisingly tall in person. One of my friends said I’m strong enough to punch the head off a brontosaurus!

Secrets: I’m actually a feminist, and I struggle to reconcile my principles and values with the kind of work I do. I wish I could dress in Steampunk finery all the time. I genuinely hope that people enjoy my artwork and “even though it’s porn”, I put my heart into everything I create!

About GalaxyPink

This picture of me ALWAYS makes me yawn! ALWAYS!! *yaaaawn*