A New Hope

Hey everybody! I’m back! Actually, I’ve been officially back to work for over a month, but I didn’t really have anything to say so I felt awkward saying anything, and then so much time had gone by that it would take something really important to break the ice… you know how that is? I had some stuff to get through **, and a lot of you were really there for me, and really supportive, and I can’t even explain how much I appreciate it, and how much it helped me.

And now I’ve gotten through it, and now I finally feel back to my usual cheerful self! I’ve really missed working, and I’ve missed you guys too!

I’ve been wanting to talk to you guys about something for a while now. Everyone I’ve talked to about this idea has said, “It’s a nice thought but that sounds like a terrible idea” but maybe you can help me figure out how to do this:

If someone pre-ordered SFK5 a while ago, and has gotten tired of waiting for everything beyond the Vampire Scene to come out, I think they should be able to get a refund, and just opt out of receiving any more SFK5 scenes.

It sounds fair, to me. Developing SFK5 has taken way longer than I ever anticipated, and I know some people are tired of waiting, which is totally understandable. If they want to contact me and request a refund on SFK5, I should give it to them… somehow.

There are only two problems. The first is that my billing company can’t handle refunds on products from so long ago, so… basically for each person who requests a refund, I’d have to write them a money order and mail it to them or give them a store credit voucher immediately, instead – MUCH EASIER! The second problem is that I only have so much money saved, so if tons of people requested refunds, I’d have to delay paying some of them for a month or two.

Even so… it sounds manageable, and more importantly, it sounds like the right thing to do. What do you guys think?

A New Hope

Oh look, the future!

If anyone has any suggestions about a better way to address this, I’d love to hear it. I’d love to hear from you guys in general. Suggestions, questions, cheers, and random thoughts are always welcome.

I’m working on the next SFK5 scene, but this post isn’t news about that. I don’t yet have a feel for when it’ll be done, so that means it may be a while still. Gah! Looking at the project as a whole, it seems insurmountable… but I’m just breaking off every little piece and taking care of it one step at a time. It just feels so good to be working again. It feels like being myself… and coming out to play!


**(For those who don’t know what I was talking about at the beginning, well I suffered a great and tragic loss, and I really had to grieve for a while. Any other job and I would have been back to it quickly, but with art… well, conjuring up light-hearted, cute and sexy images and animation was the last thing on my mind. I put my heart into this work, and my heart was just totally broken.

I wrote a post about all that, and a lot of you gave me very wonderfully supportive comments, but because of the dark tone of the post, when I’ve just now finally returned to cheerfulness, I’ve decided to move it back into the archived posts – let’s all just put it behind us, and look ahead!)